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Sejm opposes the lifting of the state of emergency. Paweł Kowal and Andrzej Zybertowicz comment

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On Monday, the Sejm rejected motions to lift the state of emergency on the Polish-Belarusian border. – At some stage, the authorities pretended that everything was fine, and now they want to play with fear – said Paweł Kowal, MP from KO, commenting on the course of the meeting. When asked about the absence of Andrzej Duda at the Sejm session, his adviser Andrzej Zybertowicz said that the president “decided that there was no such need”.

On Monday, the Sejm rejected motions to lift the state of emergency on the Polish-Belarusian border. By the decision of the president, a state of emergency came into force on Thursday in the border zone with Belarus, i.e. in part of the Podlaskie and Lubelskie provinces. It covers 183 towns. It was introduced for 30 days.


The guests of “Kropka nad i” – Andrzej Zybertowicz, advisor to the head of state and Paweł Kowal, member of the Civic Coalition – were asked about the state of emergency and about Monday’s sessions of the Sejm.

The Sejm rejected the motion to waive the state of emergency. Paweł Kowal on the Prime Minister’s words

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– What the prime minister said confirmed my worst feelings, i.e. that this entire state of emergency is only to play with human fear, to cover the ineffectiveness of the authorities, to cover the fact that the authorities are unable to control the border, said Paweł Kowal, commenting a parliamentary speech by Mateusz Morawiecki.

As he added, thanks to the Monday meeting, he learned that “the authorities do not control the border.” – I realized that at some point she pretended that everything was fine, and now she wants to act with fear. He wants people to be afraid and concentrate around power, said the opposition politician.

Paweł Kowal on the session of the Sejm on the state of emergencyTVN24

Andrzej Duda absent at the meeting. Zybertowicz: he decided that there was no such need

Andrzej Zybertowicz was asked why President Duda did not participate in Monday’s session of the Sejm. – Because he decided there was no such need. he replied.

– The state of emergency is an extraordinary event. If we want to understand them, we cannot succumb to the opposition narrative, which is affected by the anti-PiS disease. Instead of rationally evaluating certain actions, we are looking for a lever to criticize, he continued.

Morawiecki: We are dealing with a wide-ranging political provocationTVN24

– When the president becomes involved in communication activities related to the state of emergency, he raises the rank of the threat. The president assumes that this is a technical solution to stop the accumulation of negative phenomena. However, this is not a situation that would require a message from the head of state – emphasized Zybertowicz.

“Hypocrisy is the operating principle of this power camp”

According to Kowal, “today it was obvious that the authorities did not take it seriously, that they were counting on the citizens not to flinch.” – It is not just a matter of the fact that the president was absent. For the first time in the history of the Third Republic, we are dealing with a state of emergency – there is no president. Sloppy speech of the minister [szefa Biura Bezpieczeństwa Narodowego Pawła] Soloch, deputy prime minister who came out during the first opposition speech [Jarosław] Kaczynski, talking to deputies somewhere in the back of the prime minister’s chamber [Mateusz] Morawiecki and big, pompous words about the fact that we must be together in the face of danger – mentioned the deputy KO, recalling the events from the parliamentary hall.

Tomasz Siemoniak on the rostrum. Jarosław Kaczyński leaves the parliamentary hallTVN24

Zybertowicz, responding to the accusations of Paweł Kowal regarding the behavior of the representatives of the authorities during the meeting, assessed that “we are talking about symbolic aspects (…) and not about the problem”. – The problem is that the whole world has entered a phase of increasing confusion. Poland is also subject to this confusion. We have a pandemic that is not over yet. The hybrid war that has been fought over the years has entered the next phase. The days are about to start maneuvers of the Russian troops on an unprecedented scale [Zapad-21- przyp. red.] – explained the adviser to the head of state.

– This is an opportunity to ask representatives of the opposition whether, in a situation where further threats may increase, whether we will discuss symbolism, (…) whether we will talk about what the Polish state is for the opposition and in what circumstances the rulers can count on the opposition basically raison d’état, he said.

– Hypocrisy is the principle of operation of this camp of power. On the one hand, they say it’s unimportant and technical, on the other, they inflate to unimaginable dimensions. On the one hand, they say that Putin, Lukashenka and hybrid war are threatening, on the other hand, the ruling party of Poland signs an agreement with the most pro-Russian parties in Europe. And so it goes on. And there is no logic in it, because there is only one logic – to stay in power – replied Kowal.

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