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Sejm passes, Jarosław Kaczyński’s bodyguards. Statement from the Sejm Information Center

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The new head of the Chancellery of the Sejm, Jacek Cichocki, announced an “assessment of the security of the parliament building.” The Sejm Information Center also announced that it would carry out a “deep reflection and assessment of the substantive validity of renewing Sejm passes”.

After the change of parliamentary authorities, questions arose about access to the parliament building for private security guards Jarosław Kaczyński. For the president’s safety PIS the responsibility of the security company GROM Group, for whose services the party pays.

Marshal Szymon Hołownia a week ago he announced that “this problem will be solved.” – I consider bringing weapons into the premises of the Sejm by private companies as something that does not fit the standards that should prevail in this building, in this chamber – he said.

There will be a “security assessment of the parliament building”

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On Tuesday, Onet received a response from the Sejm Information Center regarding activities in this matter. “Ensuring proper security and respect for applicable regulations, while maintaining the openness and accessibility of the Parliament, are among the priority activities of the new head of the Chancellery of the Sejm, Jacek Cichocki,” we read in the statement.

The head of the chancellery, CIS wrote, “announced that, together with the Marshal’s Guard, they will assess the security of the Parliament building and the people staying in it.”

The complex of parliamentary buildingsPAP/Maria Samczuk, Maciej Zieliński

“Deep reflection” on the validity of passes

Onet asked CIS about parliamentary passes for Kaczyński’s bodyguards. “These are documents valid in a given calendar year, issued at the request of directors of individual organizational units of the Chancellery of the Sejm, as well as, among others, at the request of chairmen of clubs and groups, directors of clubs and groups’ offices, MPs and senators, as well as representatives of institutions regularly cooperating with the Sejm, the Senate and the Chancelleries of the Sejm and Senate,” the statement explained. CIS announced that “when considering applications for the issuance of periodic admission passes for 2024, the substantive validity of renewing the passes will be subject to deep reflection and assessment.”

This assessment – we read – will be made “taking into account the fact that the safety of all persons staying on the premises of the Parliament is ensured by a specialized uniformed formation, i.e. the Marshal’s Guard, supported in these activities by the State Protection Service.”

Main photo source: Tomasz Gzell/PAP

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