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Sejm. PO leader Donald Tusk on the date of appointing the first investigative commissions

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I have had preliminary talks with the Speaker of the Sejm, it will be his decision. It is possible that an investigative commission will be established next week for the so-called envelope elections, announced the head of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, on Tuesday in the Sejm. – I am convinced that two more investigative commissions will start their work by the end of the year – he added.

During a break in the Sejm session at a conference at ul. The head of the Civic Platform appeared at Wiejska Street Donald Tusk.

– We are still seeing the consequences of President Duda’s decision to entrust the mission of forming a government to Mr. Morawiecki. All signs in heaven and on earth clearly indicate that Mateusz Morawiecki there is no possibility of gaining a majority in parliament – said the candidate of the parliamentary majority for prime minister of the new government.

Tusk: for many days we will have a government that is not a government, a prime minister who is not a prime ministerTVN24

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Tusk: we want to use the time to prepare an accounting of the bad things that are still happening

Tusk announced the submission of “the first drafts of a resolution on the establishment of investigative committees.” – I announced during the campaign that we want to repair Poland after the PiS rule in these four steps, that the first step must be settlement, and the second step must be redress of wrongs – he warned.

– That’s why we want to use this time, before the government is formed, to prepare an accounting of the bad things that are still happening, because it is also terrible that despite everyone in Poland being aware of the scale of waste, abuse of power, abuse of public money, and sometimes simple theft, that despite everything they still do it – he pointed out.

Tusk admitted that he “hopes that submitting applications for the establishment of investigative commissions. Perhaps it will sober up at least some PiS politicians and will also be a great warning sign: don’t do it, because it will come, one way or another, in a moment.” , judgment for what you do and punishment for what you do.

Donald Tusk in the SejmPAP/Piotr Nowak

The first commissions of inquiry

The head of the Platform informed that he had held preliminary talks with the Speaker of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia. – It will be his decision. It is possible that an investigative commission into the so-called will be established next Tuesday envelope elections – he announced.

He added that he was convinced that two more investigative commissions would start their work by the end of the year: visa scandal and for Pegasus.

As he explained, the case of Pegasus surveillance “is not only about this one tool of surveillance and control of citizens, including the opposition.” – This is about a whole set of activities that we have all known for many months to be both immoral and illegal – he emphasized. – I do not want to get ahead of the investigative commission, but the moral, political and reputational losses for Poland were obvious – he added.

Tusk pointed out that he “hopes that this commission of inquiry will be a great warning to all, without exception, who ever entertain the idea of ​​using the state against citizens and the opposition.” – I hope that thanks to this investigative commission, such events will never take place again – he said.

Tusk about in vitro. “Tomorrow the final battle for these hopes will begin”

Tusk also raised the issue of financing in vitro in the Sejm. – Tomorrow, almost exactly on the first anniversary of this initiative, we will be finalizing the citizens’ initiative to restore financing for the in vitro procedure. I’m very happy, he admitted.

He mentioned that he had the opportunity to consult on this matter, among others, with the initiator of the project, former Prime Minister Ewa Kopaczsocial leader of the project Małgorzata Rozenek, current Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Monika Wielichowska, with MPs – Barbara Nowacka and Agnieszka Pomaska, as well as with “non-governmental organizations that deal with these problems, hopes and dreams on a daily basis.”

– A year ago, we undertook this effort together with thousands of Polish men and women. We have collected half a million signatures under this project and tomorrow the final battle for the hopes and dreams of having their own children for many, many Polish families will begin – he noted.

– I am very proud of this and I want to emphasize that the in vitro financing act is a joint undertaking of the entire future ruling coalition, the so-called democratic coalition. I don’t think any political project has gained such clear, enthusiastic, common action and intention to implement this law as quickly as possible, so that Poles can regain hope for a chance, for parenthood, for motherhood, for fatherhood, Tusk said.

Tusk: Tomorrow the Sejm will work on a bill restoring financing for the in vitro method

Tusk: tomorrow the Sejm will work on the bill restoring financing for the in vitro methodTVN24

Tusk: we want to discuss draft laws on women’s rights with social circles

Tusk also announced that the Civic Coalition would submit bills to the Sejm regarding legal abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy and the morning-after pill. – Environments involved in the defense of women’s rights and non-governmental organizations would very much like to conduct quick, public, open consultations with their participation on these projects – he noted.

– Our projects are ready, but we would like to discuss publicly, with an open curtain and with the presence of the media, with social and non-governmental circles about the optimal shape of these laws regarding women’s rights and health – he declared. He added that he was personally very keen to fulfill this obligation quickly and with the widest possible social acceptance.

Tusk on the “clean hands” project

During the conference, the PO leader, presenting plans for the near future, announced that “it is in the interest of the reputation of the political class that we adopt this act as soon as possible, according to which every MP, senator, minister, prime minister, mayor of the city, mayors, will also disclose the assets of their spouses.

– I hope that we will be able to count on the solidarity of all groups here, because it is objectively in the interest of the entire political class to finally stop these speculations – Tusk emphasized.

As he said, “the term ‘clean hands’ describes this project well.” – I am convinced that this will put an end to speculation and, in fact, it is in the interest of all politicians – he repeated.

– We will also deal with the commission once called “lex Tusk”. We will dismiss the composition of this committee on (next) Tuesday during the next part of the first session of the Sejm and later we will consider the future of this committee’s work, he announced.

As he assessed, the commission to investigate Russian influence “openly violated constitutional rights and was the subject of emotions and criticism.” – In Poland, half a million people took to the streets when this sick idea became a reality, how to eliminate political competition through this type of games and fun – he recalled.

– Why don’t we liquidate this commission? Because it would require a law, and I think you share my opinion that in several matters, including this one, we cannot count too much on the president’s eager and friendly cooperation. Therefore, we will make a decision that falls within the competence of this House – we will dismiss the composition of this committee by means of a resolution, Tusk explained.

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Main photo source: PAP/Piotr Nowak

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