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Sejm. Włodzimierz Czarzasty on the introduction of a civic project on in vitro

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We will do certain things until the government is formed, certain things after the government is formed – warned Włodzimierz Czarzasty, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm (Left Wing), in “Fakty po Faktach”, talking about the coalition’s plans. In the program, he revealed that MPs would soon deal with one of the civic projects. He also noted that his party “will not give up” on the abortion issue.

The guest in Wednesday’s edition of “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 was the deputy speaker of the Sejm, co-chairman of the New Left. Włodzimierz Czarzastywho, after yesterday’s election of MPs-members to the new National Council of the Judiciary, was asked what next steps the coalition of KO, Third Way and the Left would take.

– Four MPs are already in the National Council of the Judiciary, soon the same situation will occur in the Senate, two people there (they will be elected to the National Council of the Judiciary – ed.). Step by step, he replied. – The next steps regarding the Sejm will be announced by the Speaker of the Sejm Szymon Hołowniathat’s what we agreed – he added.

Czarzasty emphasized that there are plans to form a government. – We will do certain things until the government is appointed, and certain things after the government is appointed – he noted.

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– I don’t think I’ll reveal too much of a secret. We will plan to introduce one of the civic projects in the near future, because we respect civic projects, for example the project on which none of the four parties has any comments, the issue of in vitro, he announced. – We would like to solve the in vitro issue immediately – he admitted.

Czarzasty: we will not give up on abortion

When asked about two bills on abortion already submitted by this party, the Left politician replied that “the Speaker of the Sejm will certainly not freeze the bills.” – I think that these projects will be considered by the Sejm, and then we will look calmly at who is in favor of these projects and who is against them. As far as the Left is concerned, we will not give up on the issue of abortion, he assured.

– This two projects, a project regarding abortion up to the 12th week and decriminalization of assistance (for abortion – ed.). We will look for a majority on this matter and we will find it sooner or later, he said.

Włodzimierz Czarzasty in “Facts after Facts”TVN24

“I’m surprised Mr. President that he gives time for poor and weak things”

The conversation also touched on yesterday’s stormy Sejm session, including ministers who wanted to speak at any time during the session, and entrusting the mission of forming a government Mateusz Morawiecki. – I’m surprised, Mr. President Andrzej Dudathat it gives time for miserable and weak things, for things like insulting, like document cleaningfor extending employment contracts, for all unworthy things – commented Czarzasty.

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– I think the president is aware of this. I know he does, because when I met with the president, I told him so. Therefore, he decides to delay the takeover of power by people supported by the majority of the nation – added the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm.

Main photo source: TVN24

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