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Sejny. She wanted to sell diapers. She lost nearly PLN 140,000

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A 35-year-old woman informed the police in Sejny (Podlasie) that she had fallen victim to fraudsters. She lost nearly PLN 140,000 after she wanted to sell diapers on the Internet and clicked on the link sent by the person declaring the willingness to buy. On the bank’s fake website, she entered her login and password, thus giving the fraudsters access to her account.

A 35-year-old resident of the poviat came to the police station in Sejny, who said that she had been cheated while selling it on the Internet. According to her own account, she posted an announcement on the sale of diapers on the auction site.

The 35-year-old received messages on the phone about adding a new device to her bank account (illustrative photo) Shutterstock

She clicked on the link she received

– After a while, the person interested in the purchase contacted her via the messenger. She informed the seller that she had already paid PLN 90 and was sending a link so that the woman could follow the course of the transaction – says the junior aspirant Edyta Pacuk from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Sejny.

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When a resident of the Sejny poviat clicked on the link, she was moved to a page resembling her bank’s website.

By logging in, she gave the fraudsters access to the account

– There, she logged into her account, providing her user number and password. She received messages on the phone regarding the verification of the account, and one of them informed about adding a new device to the account – the policewoman explains.

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Thus, the alleged buyer was granted access to the 35-year-old’s account.

When she realized what had happened, it was too late

– In several tranches, she withdrew nearly PLN 140,000 from her account. The woman realized that she fell victim to scammers on the same day when she wanted to log into her account again. However, it was too late – admits the young asp. Pacuk.

The police urge caution, not to click on unknown links and not to provide data that will allow access to the accounts.

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