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Self-government propaganda destroys democracy – TVN24

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More than 200 titles are publishing a protest this week in newspapers and on Thursday on their websites: “Propaganda local government media are destroying local democracy.” The protest was jointly organized by the Local Newspapers Association and the Local Media Association, and independent publishers are also joining the protest.

“Local governments spend hundreds of millions of zlotys annually on propaganda. They publish their own newspapers, portals, televisions, radios. They present a false picture of reality to the residents. They pretend to be independent news media. Taxpayers pay for this fraud” – point out the organizers of the action, the Association of Local Newspapers and the Association of Local Media .

“Residents will not learn from them what their commune or district looks like, because the propaganda media of local governments only show what is in their favor. in honor of their patrons.

“This pathology continues and has no party sign. Local governments push their propaganda media to the residents from left to right. They do it because they feel their political interest in it. At the same time, they lead unfair competition against independent publishers” – they emphasize.

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The organizers remind that “publishers of independent local titles have stood up for free media many times”. “Today, we need solidarity. We expect that now the larger media will really stand up for the freedom and independence of the local media,” they add.

“Local government media have nothing to do with independent journalism and are an anti-democratic and socially harmful product. Let no one dare to classify them as independent local media. Comparing them to us undermines the sense of our work and is a great disservice to publishers and our journalists” – they emphasize .

“They’re just propaganda”

“Local publishers and journalists want to draw attention to the practice that is devastating the local media market, directly contrary to the principle of media independence and EU law, standards and regulations. and sometimes they directly fight with independent media competition” – points out in his appeal Andrzej Andrysiak from the Association of Local Newspapers.

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