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Semiconductors. China will limit the export of materials for the production of chips

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China will control the export of certain metals needed to make semiconductors, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said. This is the next stage in Beijing’s war with Washington over access to high-tech microchips, Reuters reported.

According to China The checks are designed to protect national security and interests and will require exporters to apply for licenses to ship certain gallium and germanium products, Reuters reported.

The Semiconductor War

The move is aimed at managing the export of rare elements that Beijing classifies as strategic. It comes as Washington considers new restrictions on the shipment of high-tech microprocessors to China, Reuters pointed out.

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He added that United States and the Netherlands also intend to deal a one-two punch to Chinese chip makers this summer by further curbing sales of chip-making equipment. This is to prevent their technology from being used to bolster the Chinese military, Reuters explained.

He added that the new Chinese controls, which will take effect from August 1, will apply to eight gallium-related products. They will also apply to six germanium products.

Exporters will have to go through procedures to obtain export licenses, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said in a statement.

Anyone who exports these products without permission, as well as those who export in excess of the permitted amounts, will be punished.

Germanium is also used in infrared technology, fiber optic cables and solar cells.

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