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Senate pact, paratroopers to the Senate, OSCE mission for elections in Poland. Marek Borowski comments

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There are natural disputes. Sometimes the problems are that, for example, a candidate is proposed, very respectable and well-prepared, with a good education, and is reported in district X, and lives in district Y, for example, 300 kilometers away – he said in “Facts after Facts” Marek Borowski, senator of the Civic Coalition. He spoke about the talks of the opposition groups on the appointment of the Senate pact.

Senator of the Civic Coalition, Marek Borowski, was asked in “Fakty po Faktach” about the state of talks on the side of opposition groups on the creation of the Senate pact. – At the moment, as far as I know, 85 seats are agreed, that is 85 percent agreed, but in politics and diplomacy, if everything is not agreed, nothing is agreed – he said.

– There are natural disputes. Sometimes the problems are that, for example, a candidate is proposed, very good and well-prepared, with a good education, and he is proposed in district X, and lives in district Y, for example, 300 kilometers away, he added.

– When it comes to the Parliament, such things happen. We call these people “parachutists”. But not in the Senate. These are single-mandate elections, this man simply has to be there – he pointed out. He stated that the possible display of “paratroopers” in the elections to the Senate would be “very risky”.

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Borowski: the opposition should announce a common program minimum

Co-chairman of the New Left Vladimir Czarzasty stated on Saturday that his party is of the opinion that “at the latest after registering the lists, we should sign a parliamentary pact, which will say that after October all opposition forces will form a government, that this government will be stable, that this government has a plan that will be a good plan for Poland”.

Read more: “We expect to announce the end of these talks in the near future, a successful end.”

– We believe that it is necessary to say to all voters very firmly and calmly: each of your votes, regardless of whether they are for the Left, for the Civic Platform or for the Third Way, will not be wasted. Thanks to each of your votes, the opposition will take power and govern in a non-arrogant, predictable way, he stressed.

Marek BorowskiTVN24

– This is a good idea – Marek Borowski commented on this initiative.

– It would be good if such a declaration was accompanied by something like a program minimum. It would show four groupings [tak zwanej opozycji demokratycznej – red.] not only declare that they will govern, but also that they will manage, that they are not divided by the rule of law, for example, the European Union, education, civil service, public media – he added. According to the senator, such a declaration would “create credibility” to the parliamentary pact itself.

Borowski: The call to the OSCE mission is a shame for Poland

On Tuesday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it criticizes the establishment of a verification commission in Poland for Russian influence, called “lex Tusk”, and the amendment to the electoral law.

Read more: The European Parliament adopted a resolution criticizing the “lex Tusk” and the amendment to the electoral law

The resolution also criticized the amendment to the Polish Electoral Code of March this year. According to some MEPs, the introduced changes may discriminate against voters abroad. The authors also assessed that “the chamber of the Polish Supreme Court dealing with electoral disputes cannot be considered an independent and impartial court”. The resolution calls on the Polish authorities “to adapt the manner of conducting elections to the standards of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and other international democratic commitments and standards”. The EP also called for the organization of a full-scale parliamentary election observation mission in Poland.

– The fact that the European Parliament asked the OSCE for the so-called extended mission (…) is a shame for Poland. So far, elections in Poland have been treated as normal in a democratic country and no observers were needed. [obserwatorów OBWE – red.] What was certainly interesting was the access of all political forces to the media, to citizens, and the way of disseminating information on this subject – he added

According to Borowski, the OSCE’s report and observations would address the “general atmosphere” regarding the elections and their fairness. “This also includes the word ‘fairness’, and it doesn’t just mean that the votes will be counted correctly, but that all political forces started from the same place,” he added.

The guest of “Fakty po Faktach” also assessed that after the amendment of the Electoral Code, there are doubts about voting outside Poland. – The allowable period for counting votes was shortened and at the same time the process of counting votes was extended – he said. He added that abroad “many commissions will not have time” to count the votes, which will be “thrown into the bin”.

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