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Sephora, Glovo, Zalando and Media Markt accused of misrepresenting promotions

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The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has filed charges against Zalando, Media Markt, Sephora and Glovo in connection with the incorrect presentation of the promotion, the office said in a statement. These are the first allegations of UOKiK regarding how the market has adapted to the new requirements regarding information on price promotions.

Effective January 1, retailers who announce a discount must list the lowest price 30 days before the discount goes live.

“The obligation to reliably inform consumers about the price – including, in the case of promotions, the lowest price in 30 days – covers every place and all stages of the sale” – it was written in the communication.

They face a fine of 10 percent of their annual turnover

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“Entrepreneurs: Zalando, Media Markt, Sephora and Glovo, by communicating promotions, could mislead consumers and violate their collective interests. The allegations concern, among others, failure to provide the lowest price valid 30 days before the introduction of the reduction or informing about it in an illegible way, failure to take into account in the current promotion, reference to this price, the use of filters and the presentation of offers that do not relate to it, and the inconsistent use of other reference points.

In the event of a violation of collective consumer interests, the president UOKiK may order changes to a prohibited practice and impose a fine of up to 10 percent. annual turnover.

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