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September. The motorcyclist was overtaking in the lanes in front of the roundabout, followed by the police

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A 17-year-old motorcyclist on a pedestrian crossing overtook a car that was approaching a roundabout. The behavior of the teenager was observed by the policemen from Września (Wielkopolska) following him.

The incident took place on Wrocławska Street in Września. The driver of the Opel was approaching the Tonsil roundabout and stopped in front of the pedestrian crossing to let a man walking along it.

At this point, the motorcyclist who was following the car decided to overtake it. As you can see in the recording published by the police, he entered the space excluded from traffic, overtook the Opel on the pedestrian crossing and finished the maneuver when he was already on the roundabout.

The police: fortunately, it ended only with a ticket

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The motorcyclist was unaware that a police car was following him. A camera placed in it recorded the entire event.

“Well … this driver apparently forgot that you can’t do that. Fortunately, such irresponsible behavior ended with a penalty ticket for this 17-year-old in the amount of PLN 1,500” – informed the Poviat Police Headquarters in Września.

Main photo source: KPP Września

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