Serbia and weapons for Ukraine. They discreetly support Kyiv, they don't want to admit it


O “discreet” activities Serbia reported the Financial Times. As we read, this country has turn a blind eye to the export of its equipment to Ukraine“The armament is sold to the West and then – through intermediaries – goes to Kiev.

The findings of the British daily show that since February 2022, weapons worth 800 million euros. These estimates were confirmed by the President of Serbia, Alaksandar Vucic, who said: “basically accurate“.

War in Ukraine. How does Serbia discreetly help Kiev?

– This is part of our activities to revive the economy, it is important to us. Yes, we export our ammunition – Vucic replied to “FT”. As he emphasized, “they cannot export to Ukraine or to Russia, but they concluded many agreements with the USA, Spain, Czech Republic and others. What they do with it is their business, said Vucic. “He assessed the situation as business opportunityinsisting that it will not take sides in the war,” we read.

The text also notes that Serbia is one of two European countries that did not want to join the imposition on Moscow Western sanctions.

One Western diplomat who wished to remain anonymous also spoke to the daily about the attitude of the Serbian authorities. – Europe and the US have been working for years to distance Vucic from Putin – he assessed. He pointed to the figure of US ambassador Christopher Hill, who visited Belgrade a month after Russia attacked Ukraine on a full scale.

– Everyone expected that (Hill – ed.) would argue with Vucic, but his goal was to distance him from Russia. He was successful. Vucic has not met Putin or even called him for years. There is also the issue of weapons that go to Ukraine, the interlocutor added.

Serbian weapons for Ukraine. “Of course he doesn't want to acknowledge it.”

Serbia does not belong to NATO nor the EU, as its citizens have long demonstrated sentimental attachment to Russiawhile also harboring resentment towards the West after the 1999 NATO bombings and also over the Kosovo issue. We reported only on Saturday about the inscriptions and graphics appearing in the country's capital expressing a very negative attitude of residents towards the Alliance.

According to analysts, for the West, seeking different ways of supporting Ukraine has become more important than putting pressure on the nationalist leader for democratic reforms.

Vucic sweeps the fact under the rugthat there is support – not direct – for Ukraine. It is obvious that he does not want to acknowledge this, he wants to please the far right, when in fact Serbia (offered – ed.) to Ukraine huge help against Russia – “FT” quotes the words of Ivan Vejvoda, an employee of the Vienna Institute of Human Sciences.

Source: “Financial Times”

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