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Serbia. Bulgaria. Floods. Several hundred people evacuated, flooded houses and damaged bridges

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Floods, which were the result of heavy rains, forced the Serbian authorities to declare a state of emergency in several dozen municipalities. The element led to the breaking of two bridges, over 200 people were evacuated. The violent weather is also taking its toll in Bulgaria. Hundreds of houses and cellars flooded in Sofia.

Torrential rains hit Serbia, located on the Balkan Peninsula. The rainfall was so heavy that rivers swelled and flooded there. A state of emergency was declared in 52 municipalities in the central part of the country. Two bridges were torn down by water, and more than 200 people have already been evacuated, the Serbian interior ministry said on Saturday.

Serbia. Over 200 people were evacuated

From Friday to Saturday, 217 people were evacuated from several towns in central Serbia. The mayor of the municipality of Aranđelovac told the Tanjug news agency that around 100 liters of rain per square meter fell overnight in the area, which led to water pouring into the houses of the town’s residents. – The most important thing is that no one was hurt as a result of the flood. I thank the services that evacuated many of our residents from the early morning, said Bojan Radović. On Saturday morning, a bridge connecting two villages near Čačka in central Serbia collapsed due to a water surge. On Friday, a similar situation occurred in the vicinity of Kraljevo, where the bridge over Moravia Zachodnie was seriously damaged. “All forces are directed to saving lives,” said Milorad Spasojević of the Serbian Interior Ministry. “Fortunately, the numbers are not so scary, the water is slowly receding and the meteorologists are predicting a decrease in precipitation,” he added.

Flooding in SerbiaReuters

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Floods in Bulgaria

Heavy rains in recent days have led to flooding in western and central Bulgaria. Hundreds of fire brigade interventions were recorded on Saturday. The activities concerned mainly pumping out water from flooded houses and flooded basements.

In the regions of Vidin, Vraca and Montana, the authorities declared a state of natural disaster. Local rivers burst their banks and flooded hundreds of buildings, retention reservoirs are overflowing. TV reports show entire villages flooded with water, floating cars, bridges swept away by the wave, impassable roads from which the water has washed away the asphalt. The situation is similar in the central part of the country, near Pazardzhik and Pirdopa, where local communities have not yet recovered from last year’s floods. In some towns in the west of the country, over the past few days, an average of over 70 l / sq m has fallen per day. Forecasts do not improve the mood of Bulgarians, in the coming days more heavy rainfall should be expected.

Main photo source: Reuters

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