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Serbia. Crows attacked passers-by – TVN Meteo

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Crows attacked residents of the city of Niš in Serbia. The aggressive behavior of the birds may be surprising, but it was dictated by parental instinct. Local media warned that similar situations could occur for several more days.

In Niš, located in the south of Serbia, there were scenes reminiscent of the famous Alfred Hitchcock film. A group of crows attacked several people at a pedestrian crossing, who suffered minor injuries – the “Nishke Vesti” portal reported on Tuesday.

In defense of the young

A video showing a bird attack on a young girl appeared on social media. The crows' victim fell while escaping and began to defend itself by waving a stack of papers. “Experts emphasize that this is what should be avoided because the birds become even more aggressive,” the portal reported. In the same place, the crows also attacked two men, including one elderly.

As local media explained, attacks by this species are not uncommon at this time of year. The recording shows that just moments before the attack, one of the chicks fell out of the nest. In May, young birds learn to fly and sometimes fall out of their nests. Older individuals nearby then become aggressive towards potential threats to the young ones.

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“The good news is that such attacks only occur over a period of several days. Residents who hear cawing should be on their guard in the near future,” added the Serbian portal.

Main photo source: MilosAJovanovic@x.com

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