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Serbia. “In three or four months.” The president talks about the serious conflict in Europe

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The politician in an interview with the Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche commented on the current international situation in Europeespecially in the context of the war in Ukraine and the policies of Western countries towards Russia.

According to the president Serbia Most leaders of Western European countries are convinced that the conflict in Ukraine will lead to… complete defeat of Russia and overthrow of power Vladimir Putin.

– I don't believe. I can't say that the West overestimates itself, but I think Russia and Putin are underestimated. In today's Europe, everyone behaves like great heroes, but they did not tell their citizens that they would pay a very high price, he says.

– They should do absolutely everything to stop any desire for war (…) I understand why the president Emmanuel Macron I want to send troops NATO to the front. His idea is probably that it is better to face Russia on Ukrainian soil than, if necessary, on European soilCentral European. Germany They have the same approach, but with some differences, he adds.

Later in his statement, Aleksandar Vucic admitted that it is necessary to openly announce to citizens that in the coming months the war in Europe will spread to other countries. The politician emphasized that we are talking about a period of three or four months.

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– I cannot talk about World War III, but about a great clash. How close are we? I don't think we're far off. No longer than three or four months. AND there is a risk this will happen sooner – he convinces.

War in Ukraine. President of Serbia on the peace summit

During the conversation with Aleksander Vucic, the topic also came up peace conference taking place in Switzerland. The president was asked whether the authorities in Belgrade planned the participation of their delegation in this event.

– I talked about it with Volodymyr Zelensky. I talked to the Chinese about it. (…) Honestly, I would like to see both sides at the same table – he emphasized.

At the same time, the politician stated that his main task is to maintain good relations with the Balkan countries.

We maintain peace and quiet in the region and in our country. We'll do whatever we can. After all, we were one of the world champions of warfare in the 20th century: the First Balkan War, the Second Balkan War, the First World War (…) Serbia was the biggest victim of the conflict and no one ever admitted it, he concluded.

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