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Sergei Shoigu loses his position. Vladimir Putin's plan is clear

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On Sunday evening, Reuters reported to Fr high-level changes in government Russiathat he decided on Vladimir Putin. He is to say goodbye to the position of Minister of National Defense Sergei Shoigu, who has held this position since 2012. He will replace the head of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

Shoigu's place is to be taken by him Andrei Belousov, former deputy prime minister and Kremlin economics specialist.

Andrei Belousov instead of Sergei Shoigu. The Kremlin entrusts him with the Ministry of National Defense

Vladimir Putin began his next term in office with changes in state positions. Experts from Institute for the Study of War (ISW) claim that these reshuffles strongly suggest that “Putin is taking significant steps towards mobilizing the Russian economy and defense industrial base to support a prolonged war on Ukraine and possible preparations for a future confrontation with NATO“.

They noted that Andrei Belousov taking charge of the Ministry of Defense is a significant progress in creating appropriate economic conditions for a prolonged armed conflict. Referring in turn to Belousov's lack of military experience, ISW emphasized that this was not an exception, because when Sergei Shoigu years ago, he also did not have such knowledge when he took up the position.

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ISW also emphasizes that the Ministry of National Defense, under Shoigu's rule, struggled with allegations regarding, among others, high-level corruption, which was criticized by Russian military commentators. “Belousov has a stronger reputation as an effective technocrat, and insider sources say he does good relations with Putin” – added in the latest report.

A Russian military blogger noted that Belousov's new role “marks the beginning of a large-scale audit and restructuring of all financial models” in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Sergei Shoigu loses his position. Putin uses a pattern

Analysts from ISW also pointed out that Vladimir Putin uses a scheme based on reshuffles at high levels of power, and not dismissing public officials.

The report by American experts also mentions that changes in key positions in Russia take place shortly after the deputy minister of national defense Timur Ivanov he was accused of bribery and removed from office. Several days later, Vladimir Putin met with the governor of the Tula Oblast Aleksie Diumin.

At the beginning of May, experts from the ISW wrote in a report that Putin probably deliberately publicized his meeting with Ivanov, Sergei Shoigu's deputy, in order to “to punish the Ministry of Defense headed by him for failing to achieve military goals Kremlin. It was also believed that Putin might seek to limit Shoigu's power.

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