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Sergey Lavrov was on a mission to China, but his plane returned over Novosibirsk – reports of the daily “Bild”

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was on a mission to Beijing, but his plane turned back over Novosibirsk and flew to Moscow, informs the German daily “Bild”.

This is the 22nd day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The diplomatic activities carried out so far have brought no results. Civilians are still dying in Ukraine.

The German daily Bild informed overnight that Sergey Lavrov was due to land in Beijing on Thursday, but halfway through the flight, his plane turned over Novosibirsk (Siberia) and instead of going to China, covering 2,800 kilometers, returned to Moscow’s Vnukovo airport.

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Russia turned to China for help?

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Let us recall that on Sunday the British daily “Financial Times” wrote, citing anonymous American officials, that Russia turned to China for military equipmentwhich would support its invasion of Ukraine. According to FT, the White House is concerned that Beijing may undermine Western efforts to help Ukraine defend the country.

This information appeared the day before the announced US-Chinese talks. The US President’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan spoke for more than seven hours with China’s chief diplomat, Yang Jiechi. High-ranking administration representative Joe Biden said that the conversation was “intense”. – The aim of today’s meeting was to very clearly express our concern to Beijing about their involvement and to reiterate that any support for Moscow – military or economic – will have consequences, said State Department spokesman Ned Price.

Friendship “solid as a rock”

Immediately after Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the Chinese authorities did not condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, opposed calling it an invasion, and declared their intention to maintain normal economic contacts with Russia. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently stated that the Sino-Russian friendship is “rock solid” and that the two countries have broad prospects for cooperation.

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