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Serock. The car left the pier for Narew. One person is dead

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On Friday evening, the car left the pier in Serock to Narew. The car disappeared under water. Divers were looking for him, but the rescue operation was hampered by weather conditions. After two hours, it was pulled ashore. According to the spokesman of the Legionowo fire brigade, there was one person inside.

The incident took place in Serock, near the city pier. – The car was supposed to break through the barriers at high speed and enter the water. He began to sink. It cannot be seen from the shore. A rescue operation begins – reported at 8 p.m. the reporter of tvnwarszawa.pl Artur Węgrzynowicz.

As he added, there may be people in the car. – The divers are already in the water and the firefighters are sailing the river in a boat. According to the testimonies of the witnesses, the car rose after it broke through the railings, then moved away from the shore. It has already been located – said Węgrzynowicz at 20.40.

Monika Nawrat from the Warsaw Police Headquarters, in turn, said that the report about the incident was received at 19.20. – Probably the speeding Skoda drove onto the beach, and from this beach to the pier. It is not known how many people were inside – said the policewoman.


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Fire Department: there was a man inside

– The car has been located in the river, but divers cannot reach it. Another one went under the water. It is cold, there are difficult weather conditions that make the action difficult, because divers’ cameras freeze up. However, we are working intensively and we have everything ready to pick up a person and get the car out – said Łukasz Szulborski from the Legion’s fire brigade at 9 p.m.

40 minutes later, he announced that the car had been pulled ashore. – There is one person inside – a man. He is dead – said Szulborski. He added that the activities of the fire brigade on the spot were ending, the police and the prosecutor would still remain there.

A specialist diving group of the State Fire Service from Warsaw, three units from Legionowo, OSP Serock and WOPR from Legionowo participated in the rescue operation.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz, tvnwarszawa.pl

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