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services warn against bears. Also in built-up areas

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Beware of bears. Animals are not only looking for food, they are also in the mating season. Better not to get in their way. So in the south of the country, warnings are pouring in. They apply not only to hiking along mountain trails.

Bears roam not only in the mountains. In Lesser Poland, you can hear more and more often that these animals have been seen somewhere. Recently in the commune of Łapsze Niżne. The municipality warns residents against walking into the local forest. – The bear was, is and will be in this area. He also found good breeding conditions. We currently have a bear with three cubs in the woods. (…) At night, bears were recorded on monitoring systems, also entering between houses in villages – says Jakub Jamróz, head of the Łapsze Niżne commune.

– Males quite often kill these young individuals, and in order to protect their children from this, females feel safer around people – explains Tomasz Zając from the Tatra National Park. Closer to buildings, bears often look for food. – The bear has an excellent sense of smell and finds food, for example, in compost bins. He likes to penetrate garbage containers – adds Stefan Jakimiuk, WWF Polska.

An entry on the website of the municipality of Łapsze Niżnelapszenizne.pl

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The key is caution

Although the sight of bears in the recordings can be pleasing to the eye, naturalists remind you that they are not bears, but powerful predators. They can be dangerous when provoked. – We do not approach the bear, we try not to approach it, most often the bear will go its own way, if it starts to approach us at all. A bear has very poor eyesight, so we try to keep an upright position, talk so that it notices that we are dealing with a human. Because the bear does not hunt people, explains Tomasz Zając.

Under no circumstances should we run away when we see a bear, because it’s a signal for him to chase us, and in this competition we won’t stand a chance. An adult bear can run at a speed of up to fifty kilometers per hour.

What to do if we are attacked by a bear? “It would be a good idea to throw something in front of him first.” Something to distract him. If she is not interested, we try to huddle, protect our heads, and wait out this attack. Do not make any sudden movements, cover your head with a backpack – says Tomasz Zając. Fortunately, such situations do not happen often, but they are usually provoked by man. – There are no more than a few attacks per year. Bears do not want to meet us at all, and if they do, they probably want to eat something, argues Stefan Jakimiuk.

Brown bears are an endangered species. Only about a hundred of them live in Poland. Most of them in the Carpathians. – Watching a bear is an amazing fun, so I wish all tourists, guests of the Polish Carpathians, that they could admire the bears, but from a safe distance – says Stefan Jakimiuk.

Author:Wojciech Sidorowicz

Main photo source: Babiogórski National Park

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