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Settlements of the PiS government, announcements of the establishment of investigative commissions. Michał Kołodziejczak and Urszula Pasławska comment

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There will be no thick line, there will be no velvet transition, some things simply need to be settled – said Urszula Pasławska from the PSL – Trzecia Droga club in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24, talking about settling the period of PiS rule. Michał Kołodziejczak, leader of Agrounia and member of the KO club, said that the Pegasus scandal must first be settled. – This is a symbol of this power – he added.

Guests of “Kropka nad i” – Urszula Pasławska from the club PSLTrzecia Droga and Michał Kołodziejczak, leader of Agrounia and member of the Civic Coalition club, talked about the need to hold PiS governments to account.

Pasławska reminded that the democratic majority proposes the creation of three investigative commissions: to investigate the so-called elections envelopes, the visa scandal and Pegasus. She also expressed hope that a fourth commission would be created: one for Ukrainian grain.

– Because there will be no thick line, there will be no cutting off from what was. On the one hand, there will be work, because many things need to be sorted out, but all those who betrayed the principles of law, including the principles they themselves created, will be held responsible for their omissions, for the decisions from which Poland lost and Polish citizens lost, she said.

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She added that “there won’t really be a velvet transition here, some things just need to be settled.”

Pasławska on accounting for the period of PiS rule: there will be no thick lineTVN24

Kołodziejczak about case number one, which needs to be settled

Kołodziejczak was asked what issues should be resolved first.

– First of all, we need to start a policy of reciprocity towards PiS politicians. And there is no policy of leniency here and there cannot be one. That’s why I don’t agree to that Confederation he goes to talk to the Prime Minister and show that he is talking. No, you don’t talk and that’s it, period. They ignored us, disrespected us and pushed us to the margins for eight years, he said.

He stated that first of all the scandal related to the use of Pegasus should be settled. Kołodziejczak was one of the people whose phone was infected with this program.

– This is issue number one. This is a symbol of this power. Surveillance, spying, eavesdropping – these were their methods of destroying the opposition, he continued.

– I was completely outside the political system. Why was there a spy device in my phone, for which they spent half a million zlotys, (because – editor) the license cost so much? Why did they listen to me for days and check everything? Until we identify and expose these people, it will be difficult to move forward. But we have to do it in parallel, said the leader of Agrounia.

The situation on the Polish-Ukrainian border. Pasławska: I assume that the new minister will investigate it

The program guests also commented on the ongoing protests of carriers on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Pasławska said that the reason for this situation is “again the incompetence of Law and Justice, just like in the case of grain.” – Because it is exactly the same mechanism. They accept an agreement that is unfavorable for Polish producers and Polish entrepreneurs. Without any protective measures, without any equivalent measures. And de facto, they either pretend that they don’t know the subject, that they don’t see it, or in fact, as in the case of grain, someone was supposed to make money – she said.

– However, I assume that the new minister will not only investigate this matter and prepare regulations to protect the interests of Polish entrepreneurs, who today have the same obligations and rights as the rest of Europe – added the representative of PSL – Third Way.

Kołodziejczak was at the border on Thursday and talked to protesters.

– I went to talk and actually reassure the farmers who also took to the road today, tell them that they will not be left alone and that we will solve this problem. Because today we must realize one thing that we often forget: there is still a regular war behind our eastern border. And someone may want to inflame and fuel these moods at the border or elsewhere, he said.

He said Law and Justice should hand over power and the president Andrzej Duda, (…), “is playing some partisan game, making politics at the expense of ordinary people.” – And we have such an interregnum in Poland. It is not known who will solve these problems – added the TVN24 guest.

Main photo source: TVN24

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