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Seven sabotage attempts. Donald Tusk about people hired by the Russian services

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– On Monday, the General Staff will present what the Eastern Shield will look like – Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced on Friday in Białystok. As he pointed out, “our arguments are slowly becoming the official doctrine of the entire European Union.” He also said how important the European Parliament elections are. – We are one step away from overtly pro-Russian forces gaining the upper hand in Europe – he said. The Prime Minister also talked about acts of sabotage in Poland.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced on Friday in Białystok that “on Monday, a detailed presentation of what the fortified 'East Shield' will look like will take place at the General Staff.” – As soon as we announced it, prime ministers approached us Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. I am in constant contact with the Finns because they want this Shield East to be part of this European project – he added.

– Yesterday I sent a joint letter with the Prime Minister to European institutions Greece letter that we must start financing air defense as Europe, and therefore the iron dome over Poland and Europe. And for the first time the answer is clearly “yes”. There will be no more national races as to who will earn more there and who will figure out more on their own, but it will also be politics, European strategy and pan-European money to make this dome a fact, and not just a dream, so that the sky over Poland and the Europe was really as safe as it is over, for example Israel – said Tusk.

– There, as you know, it works. And this is very expensive and very complicated, so it requires full coordination, by everyone, without exception, he added.

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“Our arguments are slowly becoming the official doctrine of the entire European Union”

The Prime Minister stated that “leaders are looking at the Polish government there in Europe.” – And I must say that our arguments are slowly becoming the official doctrine of the entire European Union. What is really going on right now is that they are asking us: what is it supposed to be like? They know that we are, unfortunately, and I do not say with satisfaction, experts in this situation. We are experts in Ukraine. Experts in what they do Russia – he said.

– And we have no illusions, we have no illusions, so I can guarantee you that these measures that are intended to promote the security of Poland and Europe will also work here, in Podlasie, for the development of the economy – added the Prime Minister.

Tusk: we are on two extraordinary, unprecedented fronts

The Prime Minister thanked the inhabitants of Białystok and the entire Podlasie and Warmia and Mazury regions who live in border areas for showing “extraordinary fortitude, although the consequences of the war, tensions and brutal actions of Lukashenko on the border and illegal migration organized by Russia are felt most here.” .

He emphasized that it is up to the inhabitants of these areas to ensure that all of Poland and, to some extent, all of Europe feel safe.

– During these few months we have been on two extraordinary fronts, unprecedented in the history of Poland over the last several dozen years. One is the external one – the downright war one there in Ukraine. Our eastern border is also a de facto front, it is not ours choice, this is the choice of Moscow and Minsk to turn this part of Europe, this part of the world, into a belt of uncertainty and risks, sometimes crimes. And that is why it requires such an extraordinary experience of patriotism, because it is something new and at the same time it reminds us of old and terrible things, Tusk said.

As he assessed, “the oldest generations feel the most and understand the most that we cannot play with the history that is happening before our eyes.”

Prime Minister: We are one step away from overtly pro-Russian forces starting to gain the upper hand in Europe

During a meeting with residents, Tusk said that the elections to the European Parliament scheduled for June 9 are “historic”. – I wrote one sentence – some may think it is exaggerated – I wrote: “you don't want to go to war, go to the elections.” This is truly no exaggeration, he emphasized.

He explained that it is not the case that if voter turnout is low, “hell will break out” in Poland the next day. – We know that this is a mental shortcut, but this shortcut really reflects the essence of the matter – he said.

Tusk admitted that European elections do not attract special public attention and turnout in these elections is usually low. – I want to tell you that these particular elections to the European Parliament today have historic significance. Historic not because it is the 35th anniversary of June 4 and because it happens to be so. (They are) historic, because the history of Poland in the coming years, and perhaps decades, will depend to a large extent on what the authorities in the European Union will look like, he noted.

According to Tusk, “we are one step away from overtly pro-Russian forces starting to gain the upper hand in Europe.”

The Prime Minister emphasized that in this respect “it is not the worst in Poland.” – Even if we have suspicious politicians and radical groups – some Confederation and so on – who do not hide their sympathy for Russia (…), the broadly understood public opinion, Poles in the overwhelming majority, are not on Russia's side in this matter. war – he noted.

At the same time, he noted that “the further away from this conflict, the less concerned people are about it.” – Political forces are gaining more and more popularity, also overseas, as you know, with our greatest ally, whose future policy I am not sure will be what we would like, he said.

He added that if people are elected to the European Parliament who “will de facto implement (Vladimir) Putin's plans and intentions,” then “we will come closer to disaster.” – Putin and Russia will be even more aggressive the more divided and weak we are in Europe. How united and strong we will be, if we will be able to maintain the closest alliance with America, if the West will stop behaving so ambiguously, if we will use our gigantic advantage over Russia – technological, financial, civilizational (…) – if Europe, thanks to Poland, believes in its own strength, this is the only truly effective method of saving us from war, Tusk said.

Tusk: there is no cheaper method for security than voting

The Prime Minister invited people to come to the march on June 4 in Warsaw to – as he said – “show that there are still very, very many of us.”

He added that “voters win or sometimes lose elections.” – You are the only winners on October 15 – he noted, referring to the results of the last parliamentary elections. – Our security will also depend to some extent on this, there is no cheaper method of security than going to the polls – said the Prime Minister.

He explained that even spending PLN 10 billion would not ensure security because “Europe will be divided and this effort will be in vain.”

Tusk: I'm afraid that it's not just stupidity and incompetence that are behind the decisions

During a meeting with the inhabitants of Białystok, he considered it an urgent task for the Polish state to “precisely, without retaliation, pick out what was wrong and eradicate it from public life.” – I don't have to talk about such obvious things as treason, but also about the fact that over the years in Polish public life, people have appeared in Polish public life and received unexpectedly high political protection, whose views on Russia and Ukraine leave no doubt about whose side they are on, that they are on the side of the aggressor – he said, referring to the PiS government.

He considered the vice-president of PiS, former head of the Ministry of National Defense, Antoni Macierewicz, to be a “key figure” in the context of the work of the commission to investigate Russian and Belarusian influence. He recalled the case of Krzysztof Gaj, who expressed pro-Russian views, disclosed defense-sensitive data, and after being removed from the position of adviser to the Ministry of National Defense, “was the closest collaborator of Minister (Michał) Dworczyk, the central figure of the e-mail scandal.”

Donald TuskPAP/Artur Reszko

– Kaczyński met with a Russian agent for a year or a year and a half. If this type of situations happen two or four times, then maybe they are nasty coincidences plus stupidity or incompetence, but if there are decisions behind it, if Macierewicz was the Minister of National Defense, he made decisions that de facto disarmed Polish armyand was in fact towed by the PiS leaders, this is neither a coincidence nor simple stupidity – he said.

– I am not saying that Antoni Macierewicz is a genius, but I am afraid that it is not only stupidity and incompetence that are behind the decisions we witnessed and whose consequences we still have today – he added, mentioning the cancellation of the contract for European multi-role helicopters for the army.

Tusk on sabotage attempts

He repeated that there is a need for complete certainty that “at least at the top of power, in the administration, in places responsible for Poland's security, there are people who are not subject to Russian influence.”

– We have recorded seven attempts – successful or stopped at the last minute – of sabotage. We already have evidence that the people who wanted to make this happen were directly hired by the Russian services, he said. He added that these were arson and beatings ordered by the Belarusian and Russian services.

Prime Minister: I will analyze whether it is possible to unblock the crossing in Bobrowniki

The Prime Minister announced that the issue of opening one border crossing will be analyzed from the beginning of the week. – I'm thinking about Bobrovniki, it would unblock a significant part of small and medium-sized business related to direct trade with Ukraine – said the Prime Minister.

– But I will make a reservation right away: I will not make this decision if the military and Border Guard commands have a clearly negative opinion that it may negatively affect our security – he emphasized.

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However, the Prime Minister announced that the analysis – with the participation of the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, the Border Guard and the military – will be focused on finding solutions “to make it both possible and safe.”

Donald Tusk also emphasized that he is far from making gestures towards the Belarusian regime and the possible opening of the border should not be interpreted in this way.

Main photo source: PAP/Artur Reszko

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