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Severe drought in the Amazon. “It’s a challenge for the community”

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They are hungry, they lack water, they have no medicine. The inhabitants of the state of Amazonas in Brazil have already felt the effects of increased drought very dramatically. The next weeks are not going to be kind either.

The state of Amazonas is suffering from severe drought. Brazilian authorities reported that as many as 60 out of 62 cities in the region have decided to introduce a state of emergency due to drought and fires.

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Increasingly wider reach

Food aid was sent to residents of some communities in Amazonas state on Friday. Organizations such as the Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon (FAS) and the Amazon Climate Alliance had to use tractors to deliver food to affected residents. Other institutions are also expected to provide support.

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– This is a challenge for communities because what they do not produce, food, is what they need most right now. There is also a shortage of medicines. We have just heard that people are afraid of illness, lack of medical care and difficulties in getting to the hospital, said Valcleia Solidade from FAS.

– There is no basic treatment, and our children suffer from diarrhea, vomiting and often have fever due to lack of water – complained Luciana Valentin, a resident of the state.

It’s not just Amazonas that is suffering from drought. Mobilization is also underway in neighboring states to gather food, drinking water, medicines, and other essential items that people might need.

There is no end in sight to the problems

According to experts, El Nino is responsible for worsening drought in the region where the world’s largest rainforest grows. October in Brazil is expected to be very difficult in terms of weather conditions.

– Shopping for home is difficult. If the drought continues, we will have such difficulties for the next months, said one of the residents, Josana Mendonca.

Main photo source: Reuters

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