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Severodonetsk, Ukraine. Mateusz Lachowski: It will not be the second Mariupol

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The Russians who stormed Severodonetsk suffer heavy losses, but nevertheless manage to capture more streets in the most important city in the Luhansk region, which remains in the hands of the Ukrainians. Mateusz Lachowski, a journalist and documentary filmmaker, told TVN24 that the city “most likely will not be the second Mariupol”. – The Russians have a great advantage in numbers. It seems that the Ukrainians have not decided to defend this city to the end – he said, summing up the last day at the front. He also talked about the Russian rocket firing of the military hospital in Lisiczańsk.

Mateusz Lachowski, a journalist and documentary filmmaker who is in Ukraine with the soldiers defending his country, summed up the events at the front from the last day on Thursday morning. The TVN24 interlocutor focused on the bloody fights for Severodonetsk. He said that already 70 percent of the city is in the hands of invaders from Russia.

– Heavy fights are underway, the Russians are advancing. After they are conquering other parts of the city, it can be seen that the Ukrainians have not decided to defend it to the end. It will not be the second Mariupol, said Lachowski. He added that the Ukrainians – in his opinion – decided to slow down the Russians on the streets of the city and inflict them as much damage as possible.

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– The number of Russian soldiers thrown to fight for the city gives them an advantage and makes use of it – emphasized Lachowski, who watched the course of the war.

In his opinion, Severodonetsk will fall into the hands of the Russians within a few days.

Stabilization at the front and subsequent lines of defense

Mateusz Lachowski predicts that after the possible collapse of Severodonetsk, Ukrainian soldiers will base the defense line on the adjacent Lisyczańsk region. He announced that the aggressor’s troops, which broke through the defense lines at Popasna several days ago, would try to encircle the city.

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– The Russians realize that only by attacking from Popasna, they will be able to try to occupy this territory without having to cross the Donets River – emphasized Lyakhovsky.

He recalled that it was during an attempt to transfer forces across this river in early May with the help of pontoon bridges that the Russians they suffered very big losses. Lachowski emphasized that the Ukrainians are prepared to defend Lisyczańsk and their positions are strengthened there.

“Russians attacking from the side of Popasna are trying to encircle Lisiczańsk”tvn24.pl

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For now, however, as the TVN24 guest said, the invaders’ march was stopped near the town of Bachmut, where very intense fighting took place last night. The aggressors – as he said – did not break the defense at the height of Iziumu and Słowiańska. The invading forces were stopped about seven kilometers from the city.

– You can say that the front in those places is relatively stabilized – he said.

A military hospital under fire

The military hospital in Lisyczańsk, where Mateusz Lachowski was only a few days ago, was fired on last day.

– After the attack, I talked to the doctors working there. I heard that there is no big loss in people. However, a lot of equipment was lost – reported the journalist.

According to his information, Russian rockets destroyed, among other things, all the ambulances at the hospital’s disposal. – It can therefore be concluded that the Russians attacked what they saw with the drone – he assessed.

Mined Ukraine

Mateusz Lachowski is currently in the vicinity of Kharkiv. During the live broadcast for TVN24, a sign was visible behind its squares, warning that the area was mined.

– This is unfortunately the reality of many places in Ukraine. This applies not only to Kharkiv or Donbas. Such signs can also be seen, among others, in the forests around Kiev. It is difficult to say how long the area will have to be cleared afterwards – he said.

Main photo source: East News / AFP

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