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SGL Local Press 2022. List of contest winners

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On Friday, we met the winners of the Local Press Association 2022 competition. The prizes were awarded in ten categories. The Newspaper of the Year 2022 was “Kronika Beskidzka”.

On Friday, the Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw hosted the Local Press 2022 Gala. The winners were announced in ten categories. The main prize was also awarded to the Newspaper of the Year 2022, which was chosen “Kronika Beskidzka”.

Award winners

Jadwiga Hereta from “Tygodnik Zamojski” won in the press reportage category. – The nomination and the award in the reportage category is a great honor. I am very happy that I have the opportunity to work in independent media and we can report reality as it is. I received an award for the reportage “War and Life”. A simple title, but I really wanted to show the life of Ukrainians during the war – Hereta said in an interview with TVN24.

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As she said, what she saw on the Polish-Ukrainian border “was a shocking picture”. – We saw a crowd of people, a sea of ​​​​people who were walking, and in fact they were mothers and children. These children, it was snowing, and they were stamping their little feet, they were already tired. In fact, then we saw the enormity of this tragedy and the phenomenal response from society – she pointed out.

The award in the category of specialist journalism went to Agnieszka Mazuś from “Dziennik Wschodni” for the article “How much ‘collector’ has in his piggy bank. A charity fundraiser or a business idea?”.

– When I see people with cans, a red light comes on and I think, let’s see who it is – explained Mazuś in an interview with TVN24. As she explained, the money was allegedly collected for sick children, for the Ukrainian army.

– It soon turned out that the best volunteers who were in a given foundation, after a year of being a collector, set up their own foundations – noted the laureate. – There is no control over it. Even if someone thinks that someone is cheating, because in reality this money will not go where it should, the police can only do it to check whether the fundraiser is public or registered, i.e. an ID is enough – noted Agnieszka Mazuś.

Marcin Kałuski from “Kronika Beskidzka” received an award, among others. in the journalism category, for the article “Żer na Kononowiczu”. – I am a sensitive person and conversations, research on this topic touched me. I am not from Białystok, but from the Beskidy Mountains, from Bielsko-Biała, but it turned out that a resident of our area earns a lot thanks to the fact that he uses the image of (Krzysztof – ed.) Kononowicz – said Kałuski.

As Kałuski said, watching pathostreams for the purpose of writing an article disgusted him. “It’s simply inhuman,” he said.

SGL Local Press 2022 – list of winners

Full list of SGL Local Press 2022 winners:

Journalism: “Feed on Kononowiczu” by Marcin Kałuski, “Kronika Beskidzka”,

Interview: “I don’t make excuses for an architect” Małgorzata Lichecka, “Nowiny Gliwickie”,

Press coverage: “War and Life” by Jadwiga Heret, “Tygodnik Zamojski”,

Specialist journalism: “How much does a ‘collector’ have in his piggy bank. A charity fundraiser or a business idea?” Agnieszka Mazuś, “Dziennik Wschodni”,

Investigative and intervention journalism: “Chairman by choice, developer by passion” Agnieszka Mazuś, Krzysztof Wiejak, Sławomir Skomra, “Dziennik Wschodni”,

Photo: “Sheep joining during the autumn redyk of the Leśnicki brothers” Bartłomiej Jurecki, “Tygodnik Podhalański”,

Photo essay: “The power of help Ukraine” Paweł Jędrusik, “Every Week Jaworzno”,

Video material: “Gender correction as rebirth” Marcin Kałuski, Beskidzka TV,

Journalistic social or intervention campaign: “Inform and help!”, “Życie Podkarpackie”,

Internet portal: nowiny.pl,

Newspaper of the Year: “Kronika Beskidzka”.

Main photo source: TVN24

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