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Shakira and Piqué break up. Piqué’s mother hid his affair, there was a fight – the media

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A fight in front of children during a family quarrel, hiding a son’s affair – the latest reports from the Spanish media describe the turbulent relationship between Shakira and the mother of her former partner Gerard Piqué. The Spanish footballer and the Colombian singer split in June 2022.

New reports on the details of the stormy breakup after almost 12 years of Shakira and Pique’s relationship in the last days of March describe the Spanish media. According to the SDP Noticias portal, Piqué’s mother – Montserrat Bernabéu – was supposed to hide from Shakira for some time son’s affair with 22-year-old Clara Chía Martí. Piqué, even before parting with the singer, was to be seen with a new partner at his parents’ house in Cambrils, Spain. Quoted by the weekly “Hola!” journalist Laura Fa stated that Piqué and Martí had “sheltered” in a mansion on the Mediterranean coast at the beginning of their relationship.

The Spanish “Marca” also claims that the footballer’s mother and Shakira had a turbulent relationship. The newspaper claims that during one of the family quarrels, in front of Shakira and Piqué’s sons Milan and Sasha, there was even a fight between the women. It is not known exactly when this event took place, but according to the media, the fight may have been related to the disclosure of an affair that Piqué had.

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Piqué in an interview with “El Pais”

New information on the backstage of Piqué and Shakira’s breakup appeared just a few days after the footballer told about his private life in an interview with “El Pais”.

– I want to be true to myself. I will not waste money cleaning my image. The people I love and worry about are the people who know me. The rest I don’t care about,’ he told the Spanish weekly, noting that his life had “changed”. “And I know how to keep that happiness,” he added.

Shakira and Gerard Pique split after 11 years

Shakira and Gerard Pique split after 12 yearsGetty Images

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Piqué and Shakira break up

Piqué and Shakira were together for 12 years. They never got married, they have two sons: 9-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Sasha. Though Shakira and Piqué announced their separation in June 2022, their turbulent became especially loud at the beginning of this year. January 11 Shakira posted on the Internet the song “BZRP” recorded in the studio of Argentine DJ and music producer Bizarrap.

The song contained many sentences that fans of the singer perceived as addressed to her former partner. Shakira also mentioned Piqué’s mother in it: “You left me with your mother as a neighbor,” she sang.

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