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Shakira in the song “TQG” again refers to Gerard Pique

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“Watching you with the new one hurt me, but now I’m focusing on myself,” Shakira sings on the latest track “TQG”. And everything indicates that he once again refers to a loud breakup with footballer Gerard Piqué. The song was released online on February 24.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué announced the end of their 12-year relationship in June 2022. The couple again attracted the attention of the world’s media in January 2023, when Shakira published the song “BZPR” in which she referred to her former partner and his current girlfriend several times. Now the singer Karol G has published the song “TQG” on the Internet, featuring Shakira as a guest. Within three days of its release, the song had over 86 million views on YouTube alone.

“TQG” – Shakira again refers to her breakup with Piqué

“You left saying you were done with me and found yourself a new girlfriend. What she doesn’t know is that you still display my stories (in social media – ed.)” sings Karol G in one of the first verses, who broke up in 2021 with fiancé Emmanuel Santiago, known under the stage name Anuel AA. “My life has gotten better and you are no longer welcome in it,” Shakira echoes.

In the content of the song, the singers also suggest several times that former partners tried to return to them. “Didn’t you say you were done with me? What are you doing here looking for me if you know I don’t repeat my mistakes?” – they sing in the chorus. “Tell your little one I’m not competing for men,” they declare in the next lines. “And I don’t get angry what your girlfriend says about me. It makes me laugh,” Shakira points out in her verse.

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Shakira’s big hit about breaking up with Piqué

More than half a year after the breakup, Shakira decided to publicly refer to the relationship with the footballer Gerard Piqué, which ended after 12 years. “You left me with your mom as a neighbor. With a press at my door and a debt at the IRS. You thought you’d hurt me but you made me stronger (…) I’m worth as much as two 22-year-olds, you traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, you traded your Rolex for a Casio,” she sang in the content of the song “BZPR Music Sessions vol. 53” published on January 11. Within five days of its release, the song has been viewed more than 130 million times on YouTube alone.

Piqué himself decided to take advantage of the confusion caused by the song of his former partner. His federation Kings League, which organizes football games, announced that it has acquired a new sponsor – a manufacturer of popular watches. The Barcelona defender also referred to a fragment of the song about “swapping a Ferrari for a twingo”. A few days after the premiere of the song drove up to the headquarters of one of his companies in this little French car.

Shakira and Piqué break up

Shakira and Gerard Pique split after 11 years

Shakira and Gerard Pique split after 11 yearsShakira and Gerard Pique split after 11 yearsGetty Images

Piqué and Shakira were together for 12 years. They never got married, they have two sons: 9-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Sasha. They officially separated in June 2022. Journalists quickly established that Shakira’s successor alongside Gerard Piqué is Clara Chía Martí, now 23 years old.

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