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Monday, November 29, 2021

Shaquille O’Neal Reveals Origin Story for Aaron Carter’s Hit Song, “That’s How I Beat Shaq”

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So, how did Aaron Carter beat Shaq?

Today, Shaquille O’Neal virtually stopped by E! News co-host Scott Tweedie‘s Instagram series, HappE! Hour, to discuss Krispy Kreme’s bite-sized packaged donuts (available in all Walmart snack aisles by July 2020). As Shaq previously discussed on Pop of the Morning, he is Krispy Kreme’s resolution coach.

However, during this exclusive chat, the basketball legend also revealed the origin story behind Carter’s 2001 hit single and music video, “That’s How I Beat Shaq.”

As the retired athlete recalled, he became acquainted with young Aaron Carter when Nick Carter‘s then unknown vocal group, Backstreet Boys, recorded their demo at his house.

“One of my worst mistakes ever was not signing the Backstreet Boys,” Shaq reflected. “They recorded their first album in my house, ’cause they were just kids trying to come up with a demo. I think I charged them $5 an hour for my studio.”

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Per Shaq, he “knew the Carters very well,” especially as “Aaron would always come over.”

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