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She strangled her friend and kidnapped her baby. She had previously faked a pregnancy

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Magen Fieramusca of Texas, accused of murdering her friend Heidi Broussard and kidnapping her newborn daughter, was sentenced to fifty-five years in prison after pleading guilty. According to authorities, the woman faked a pregnancy as part of a conspiracy to abduct the child.

Magen Fieramusca has been accused of strangling her friend Heidi Broussard and kidnapping her child in 2020. Broussard, 33, and her two-week-old daughter, Margo Carey, went missing after dropping their older son off at school on December 19, 2019.

The newborn was found in good condition at the home of Magen Fieramuski. Broussard’s body was hidden in the trunk of the defendant’s car. The woman was pronounced dead of asphyxiation. The 37-year-old pleaded guilty. On Thursday, February 2, she was sentenced to 55 years in prison by an Austin court.

Convicted in the settlement, “she has waived her right to appeal, meaning her cases will not remain open to litigation,” Travis County District Attorney José Garza told CNN. He added that such a solution would help the relatives of the deceased “avoid facing a difficult legal process after the verdict.”

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She pretended to be pregnant

The deceased’s partner, Shane Carey, told police that Broussard and Fieramusca had been friends for more than a decade. They met while attending the Texas Bible Institute in Columbus, Texas. According to a post-arrest statement, Fieramusca argued that she was pregnant at the same time as her friend. Carey told investigators the women had even discussed “the possibility of giving birth on the same day.” According to the authorities, the feigned pregnancy was part of a conspiracy to abduct the child.

Magen Fieramusca in a photo released by the police in 2020Austin Police Department

Surveillance footage showed Fieramusci’s car parked in the parking lot of the apartment building where Broussard lived. One neighbor told investigators he saw the woman get into the vehicle with the baby and then drive away.

FBI agents searching for Broussard and her daughter followed Fieramuska’s partner, Christopher Green, as he left the house where the couple lived. They approached him as he was leaving a baby clothes and formula store. When they showed him a flyer with pictures of the missing mother and baby, he replied, “The baby is in my house.”

She did not know where she gave birth to the child

Green allegedly believed his partner was pregnant with his child. Fieramusca told investigators she gave birth at a clinic in The Woodlands, north of Houston, and returned home with the baby that same day. During interrogation by investigators, however, she could not “remember” the name of the clinic.

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Main photo source: Austin Police Department

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