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She used artificial intelligence to cancel the ticket

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Millie Houlton, 22, received a notice from York City Council that she had parked her car in an unauthorized place. The fine was £60 (about PLN 320). She decided to appeal the penalty. She did not know how to go about creating such a letter, so she commissioned artificial intelligence to do it.

A student at York St John University, quoted by BBC News, was convinced she was right in the dispute with the city guards.

The mandate has been cancelled

But I couldn’t articulate it. I thought I’d see if ChatGPT could do it for me,” she said. – I gave the app the details of the incident, where and when it happened and why I do not agree with the ticket. After a few minutes, I received a ready-made text of a personalized appeal, which ultimately resulted in the cancellation of the penalty – she added.

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Artificial intelligence chatbots are designed to answer questions from Internet users based on information from online databases – in the way that a human would answer. However, these are not perfect answers, if only because the network (which is used by chatbots) contains a lot of content made up on purpose or incorrect due to lack of knowledge.

Millie Houlton succeeded, because the chatbot evidently used a whole lot of proven templates of this type of references published in online guides.

Encouraged by the result, she admitted to BBC News that she used the app again to develop the agenda (again, the template) for her Easter egg-hunting event. Artificial intelligence has also reportedly done a sensational job with this task.

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