She wanted to sell the table, gave the scammers access to her account


She tried to sell the table, unknowingly gave scammers access to her bank account. Money in various amounts flowed into the account, and after a while was transferred on. The woman lost over PLN 2,000.

As the Poviat Police Headquarters in Płońsk reported on Friday, a 45-year-old resident of the municipality of Baboszewo reported there, who “placed an offer for the sale of a wooden table on a popular trading platform”. In response to the announcement, a potential buyer contacted her via messenger, asking about the possibility of shipping the table via a courier company, after making a payment to the account.

She clicked on the “Receive Money” tab

“After the seller agreed, she received a message with a link redirecting to a page confusingly similar to the courier company’s website. There she clicked on the “collect money” tab and then tried to log in to her electronic banking. Unfortunately, in this way she unknowingly gave the scammers access to her account bank,” explained the Płońsk police.

Account Transactions

After checking the history of the account, the 45-year-old noticed that someone was making transactions on it. “Money in various amounts flowed into the account, and after a while they were transferred on. She herself lost over two thousand zlotys” – said the Płońsk police, warning against this type of online fraud.

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Remember not to click on a link of unknown origin or sent by a person unknown to us and not to provide payment card details as well as logins and passwords for electronic banking. Due to inattention and the desire to sell your things quickly, we can lose savings.

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