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She was lying on the bench with no signs of life. The police rushed to help the woman. “The first four minutes after losing consciousness are crucial.”

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The 39-year-old was lying in an unnatural position on a bench in the middle of Lublin. None of the passers-by showed any interest in her, and she was dying. Policemen who were patrolling the area rushed to help the woman. They started CPR and saved her life.

He doesn't feel like a hero, but together with his patrol colleagues he saved the life of a 39-year-old woman. The resuscitation was recorded by cameras on police uniforms. – There are no signals in the sky that the day may go this way or that – says junior aspirant Paweł Guz from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Lublin. – I think death could have occurred – he adds. The woman showed no signs of life. The officer began chest compressions. – After several dozen compressions, it had a positive effect, because the lady took deep breaths into her chest and some reflexes were already visible on her face – says the officer.

Nobody reacted

The 39-year-old was lying on a travel bag in an unnatural position, but only the police rushed to help. – While patrolling the station area, they noticed a woman lying on a bench and no one else reacted – says Superintendent Andrzej Fijołek from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Lublin. – I think this is a problem in general, because many people, for example, assume that the person is drunk or under the influence of some substance – admits one resident of Lublin.

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He jumped into the Vistula River to save a teenager. An extraordinary action by a policemanDariusz Łapiński/Fakty TVN

In Warsaw, a 68-year-old woman needed help. While walking her dog in the park, someone knocked her over and the woman stopped breathing. The guards who were nearby were called. – These are such silent heroes – comments Marcin Jedliński from the City Guard in Warsaw.

They performed resuscitation, which anyone can do in an emergency. – The first four minutes after losing consciousness are crucial to whether a person will be saved or not. This is how much our brain can withstand without oxygen – says Marcin Jedliński.

Psychological mechanism of freezing

– Don't pretend that nothing is happening. We have this psychological mechanism of freezing and at first we don't know how to behave. I also witnessed such a reaction during an accident, and the point is to overcome this fear, this first inertia, and approach such a person – explains Andrzej Zapaśnik, a doctor. In Leszno, 17-year-old Ilia gave his clothes to a barefoot 68-year-old whose son had thrown him out of the house and had previously beaten him. The boy took the victim of violence to the police station. The perpetrator had to move out. – I gave you my jacket and shoes so that you can change them and so that you won't be cold. I didn't expect it to be a very big, good deed. I had to do this. The man needed help and I did it, says IIa.

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As a reward, the teenager fulfilled his dream and flew a plane over the city. Simple gestures and vigilance that mean so much.

Main photo source: Provincial Police Headquarters in Lublin

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