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She was walking her dog and someone pushed her. Resuscitation in the park

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A 68-year-old woman lost consciousness in Kazimierzowski Park and stopped breathing. According to witnesses, she fell while walking her dog. Someone was supposed to push her. She was resuscitated by city guards.

On Sunday, April 28, around 8:40 p.m., guards Paweł Gerwatowski and Ryszard Szostak from the 1st Local Department carried out an intervention related to parking cars at the bus stop near Kazimierzowski Park. A nervous man ran up to them and asked for help in saving the unconscious woman.

Fight for life

– We ran to the indicated place. A 68-year-old woman was not breathing and unconscious. We immediately started resuscitation and called an ambulance. After several minutes of resuscitation, the woman took a deep breath. We placed her in the recovery position, but she lost consciousness again. We repeated the resuscitation. Thanks to this, she regained consciousness – said guard Paweł Gerwatowski, quoted in the city guard's announcement.

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After a few minutes, the already conscious woman was taken care of by ambulance rescuers. She was taken to hospital. – Witnesses told us that the woman was walking her dog when she was pushed by someone and fell. A neighbor who saw the incident informed the victim's family living nearby. They informed us, the officer added.

Nobody reacted

According to the guards, despite the presence of many people in the park, no one reacted or approached the woman to see if she needed help. “The woman could have lost her life. It is worth adding that the same patrol carried out a rescue operation for the third time this year. At the Powiśle Power Plant, the same officers saved a man who fell while climbing the stairs and lost consciousness by hitting his head on the step, and on Foksal Street They performed resuscitation on the young man for several minutes,” the press release concluded.

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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