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Shelled pistachios Bio Planet. Lots of pistachios withdrawn from the market – GIS warning

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The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) has published a warning regarding a batch of bio shelled pistachios, brand Bio Planet. The reason is the finding that the maximum level of aflatoxins in pistachio nuts has been exceeded.

The Tuesday announcement stated that “The Chief Sanitary Inspector was informed via the Rapid Alert System for Unsafe Food and Feed (RASFF) that the maximum permissible level of aflatoxins in pistachios was exceeded, which, after packaging, were placed on the market by Bio Planet SA”.

The Inspectorate explained that aflatoxins are substances that have a harmful effect on human health, produced by mold fungi of the Aspergillus family. Therefore, representatives of the Chief Sanitary Inspector indicated that “the product batches indicated in the announcement should not be consumed.”

Lots of pistachios withdrawn from the market

The warning applies to shelled organic pistachios 150 g, 75 g, produced by Bio Planet. The country of origin is Iran. As we read, all lots whose numbers start with the following numbers are subject to recall: 925-xxxxxx, 1026-xxxxxx, 1069-xxxxxx, 9-xxxxxx, 86-xxxxxx, 161-xxxxxx, 261-xxxxxx, 297-xxxxxx, 452- xxxx.

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Date of minimum durability: 08/31/2023.


According to the information provided by GIS, Bio Planet “informed its customers about the need to withdraw products with the indicated batch numbers and started withdrawing them from the market”.

The bodies of the State Sanitary Inspection are conducting explanatory proceedings.

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