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“Shield East” – project. Expert: every fortification is good when it has its defenders

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The Russians will have to use more military resources to gain anything in our area – said reserve lieutenant colonel Maciej Korowaj on TVN24, referring to the project of building the “Shield East”. As he pointed out, “every fortification is good when it has its defenders.”

At the beginning of the week, the head of the Ministry of National Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz presented the government project to build the “East Shield” – a system of various types of fortifications, structures and military equipment on Poland's eastern border, which are intended to maximize Poland's defense capabilities in terms of reconnaissance, increasing troop mobility and impeding the movements of a possible enemy.

About PLN 10 billion is to be allocated for the project, and the installation system is to be ready by 2028.

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“Russians will have to use more military resources to achieve anything”

This issue was commented on on TVN24 by reserve lieutenant colonel Maciej Korowaj, an expert from the Institute of International Security and Development and the Defence24.pl portal.

– At the very beginning I didn't know what it would look like and I was a bit skeptical about it, because there is no fortress or wall that could not be penetrated, but taking into account the war experiences in Ukrainefortifications have become crucial when it comes to stopping aggression, at least in this dimension Russia practices as part of combat operations, he said.

– “Shield East” and military fortifications are primarily intended to increase the cost of (possible – editor's note) Russian aggression on our area. The Russians will have to use more military resources to gain anything in our area – said the TVN24 guest. He added that “this will also make it easier for us to recognize Russian preparations, because Russia will need more strength to do us any harm.”

Shield EastPAP

“Every fortification is good when it has its defenders”

– The second element is that we need to build the resilience of infrastructural, civil and military elements in this zone, which is most at risk, so that we can maintain appropriate forces and resources there to oppose any projection of aggression in the long term – emphasized Korowaj .

He emphasized that “the Russians can project so much power there that we will have to maintain large amounts of our military resources there.” – And this also needs to be prepared, i.e. these warehouses, shelters not only for soldiers, but above all for the civilian population – he said.

Visualization of the border strip under the “East Shield”PAP/Marcin Obara

– One good aspect here, indicated by the Chief of the General Staff, is that a Border Protection Corps will be created on the basis of the Territorial Defense Forces, because these fortifications must be manned by someone. And it's good that they will be staffed by people who know the area and know how to defend their immediate surroundings, said Korowaj.

– Every fortification is good when it has its defenders – he concluded.

Main photo source: PAP/Marcin Obara

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