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Shinzo Abe shot. The bomber used a homemade weapon. Expert: simple but deadly

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Japan’s former prime minister, Shinzo Abe, was killed by a makeshift home-made pistol the killer handcrafted from metal pipes, wood and tape, reports Reuters. According to gun experts, it could only take the perpetrator a few days to construct the murder weapon.

Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot at close range during a speech in front of a train station in western Nara prefecture around noon on Friday, ahead of Sunday’s elections to the upper house. The perpetrator approached the former head of the Japanese government from behind and fired two shots. The wounded politician was taken to hospital, where doctors confirmed his death.

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Detention of the perpetrator of the attack on the former Prime Minister of JapanPAP / EPA / The Asahi Shimbun

The murder of Shinzo Abe shocked the Japanese and the whole world, the more so Japan has strict firearms lawsand gun crime is very rare. According to Reuters, citing Japanese police data, 10 shootings took place across the country last year, including eight involving gangsters. One person was killed by the bullet and four were injured.

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“Anyone who understands the basics of a weapon would be able to construct such a weapon”

The footage from the moment of the attack shows the attacker holding something that looks like a pistol in his hand. In fact, it was a homemade weapon. It measured 40 by 20 centimeters and was made of metal pipes and wooden elements wrapped with black electrical tape.

As reported by Japanese media, the attacker told investigators during the interrogation that he had found the manual for the production of the firearm, as well as the necessary elements and gunpowder, on the Internet.

“Making weapons using a 3D printer or making a homemade bomb are things that can be learned online today from anywhere in the world,” Mitsuru Fakuda, a professor at Nihon University specializing in crisis management and terrorism, told Reuters. He added that the construction of the weapon used in the assassination attempt on the former Japanese prime minister could only take “two or three days after obtaining the necessary components”.

Killer of Shinzo AbeReuters

“Anyone who understands the basics of a weapon would be able to construct a weapon like that, even with minimal knowledge,” says firearms expert Tetsuya Tsuda, quoted by Reuters. In his opinion, building such a weapon could take less than a day.

It is not yet known whether the missile itself was also cottage-made. Police searched the suspect’s home on Friday, finding explosives and five other home-made weapons. The bomber himself told investigators that he had produced several variants of the weapon: with three, five, six and nine metal pipes.

Simple but lethal

“A simple but lethal homemade weapon is very easy to make,” said NR Jenzen-Jones, an Australian Intelligence Weapons and Ammunition Specialist, in an interview with Reuters.

Shinzo Abe was killed with such a weaponReuters

In the photo of the weapon that killed Shinzo Abe, you can see that an electric wire is sticking out of each pipe. This indicates that the bomber was using an electric trigger, explains Jenzen-Jones.

– The electric ignition method was probably chosen in this case because conventional cartridges are much more difficult to obtain in Japan, the expert noted. The Reuters Agency adds that several people have been arrested in recent years in Japan on suspicion of illegally manufacturing weapons.

Main photo source: Reuters

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