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shooters. He sent it almost 83 years ago, now the letter has reached his relatives. The mayor helped

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In 1940, Gerhard Malik sent a letter to his parents from Klein Strehlitz (today’s Strzeleczki in the Opole region). It is not known what happened to the correspondence. Recently, a yellowed envelope with a stamp from almost 83 years ago was sent to the Commune Office in Strzeleczki with a request to find the author’s family. It worked. The vogt – with the help of a resident who remembered the man’s family – found Malik’s relatives. Now they would like to know what happened to the letter over the years. – All this is a great mystery to us – says a relative of the author of the correspondence.

At the beginning of the year, a letter came to the commune office in Strzeleczki. It seemed like a lot of correspondence. However, it turned out that in this case it was completely different. – It was a huge surprise, because you don’t get letters from 1940 every day – says Marek Pietruszka, head of Strzeleczki commune.

There were two writings in the envelope: one contemporary and one on yellowed, time-worn paper. – The letter was sent from German. Its author informed that she had found a letter from years ago and asks for it to be handed over to the author’s family, and if it turns out that none of his relatives is alive, we should keep the letter in our archives, because it is part of the history of our town – reports the mayor.

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The mayor on the trail

The envelope bears the name of the addressee: Gerhard Malik. There is also the date and place of posting. The letter was sent in the summer of 1940 from Quedlinburg, Germany. He was supposed to reach Klein Strehlitz, or Strzeleczki. Why did he appear here almost 83 years later? “We don’t know that,” admits Pietruszka.

The letter was sent in 1940 in Quedlinburg, it was sent to Strzeleczki in 2023 and was sent from LangenfeldGoogle Maps, Marek Pietruszka, head of Strzeleczki commune, tvn24.pl

The mayor knew that the author of the letter came from Strzeleczki. He started searching on his own. As he emphasizes, he knows his residents, but at first it was not easy. Firstly, because the names mentioned were popular in this region years ago. Secondly, because some of the descendants of the former inhabitants left. – I managed to meet a resident who is over 80 years old. I started asking her for names. It turned out that the original addressee of the letter was her neighbor – says the mayor.

The local government official tracked down the still living relatives of Gerhard Malik. He says he wanted to give them a letter. – But it so happened that one day this gentleman, a member of the extended family, came to the office. I met him and handed over the letter in my office. The surprise was huge – describes Pietruszka.

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A relative of the letter’s author 83 years ago: it’s a bit strange

– Surprise and joy. When a letter goes 83 years, it’s a bit strange and surprising – admits Mr. Gerard, who was born 27 years after the letter was written and posted.

A letter from 83 years ago was sent to the office in StrzeleczkiMarek Pietruszka, head of Strzeleczki commune

Malik was his father’s cousin. – We do not know where the letter was for so long and why it did not reach Strzeleczki earlier. This man is long dead. He has no parents or anyone close to him. He was an only child and childless bachelor, he had a fiancée. He left behind a letter – a relative of the author of the correspondence tells us.

A letter written to parents. Their only son died a year later

Gerard’s family managed to get to know the content of the letter. Although, as the man says, it was not easy. It was a letter written to my parents. He was in the army, in training. He wrote that he liked the area. He wrote about the package he got. About the fiancée. A year later he died – describes a resident of Strzeleczek. And he adds that Gerhard Malik was a member of the bomber’s crew. He was buried in the cemetery in the Netherlands. – Members of the crew were buried next to each other – reports Mr. Gerard, who admits that his father told about the fate of a deceased relative.

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The family found information about Gerhard Malik’s grave on the Internet. The cross bears the date of birth (June 6, 1918) and the date of death (August 12, 1941), as well as the military rank: senior corporal. On the Internet you can also find a mention of what plane he flew and where the machine crashed. On one of the pages there was information that all of the four-man crew died. Among them was – acting as an observer – Gerhard Malik. “The plane crashed under unknown circumstances,” it was reported. The funerals took place four days later.

“We know nothing”

Relatives of the sender of the letter want to find out how it happened that the letter did not go to Strzeleczki for decades. They would also like to know how it ended up in the hands of the woman who recently sent it to the municipal office. – Judging by the style of this person’s handwriting, it is someone older, quite old – assesses the mayor Pietruszka.

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Mr. Gerard and his family hope to explain why the German resident decided to send correspondence to Strzeleczki after many years. – My brother lives in Germany and is trying to contact this lady. There is no response so far, it’s all a mystery to us. We don’t know anything, he admits.

Shotguns now Strzeleczki commune/ strzeleczki.pl

Main photo source: Marek Pietruszka, head of Strzeleczki commune

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