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Shooting in Poznań. The perpetrator had a firearms license

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The 29-year-old who killed his ex-girlfriend’s fiancé in Poznań on Sunday and then shot himself had a gun permit. In 2022, a man threatened to hurt himself. At that time, his gun license was temporarily revoked, but it was returned to him shortly thereafter, police said.

On Sunday afternoon in the center of Poznań A 29-year-old resident of the city shot a 30-year-old with a handgunthen shot himself. They’re both dead. Police said on Monday that the most likely motive was disappointed love. The incident took place in front of the victim’s fiancée, the perpetrator’s ex-girlfriend.

The perpetrator had a firearms license

Andrzej Borowiak, spokesman for the Wielkopolska police, said that in 2018 the 29-year-old obtained a license and permission to carry weapons for sports and collecting purposes.

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– He applied for five sporting weapons and 10 collector’s weapons. He met all the requirements: he passed the course, passed the exam, submitted a medical opinion and on this basis he received such a license and such permits, Borowiak informed.

Shortly thereafter, the man purchased a pistol for sporting purposes and a rifle for collecting purposes. It is known that he was enrolled in a shooting club.

Shooting in Poznań PAP/Jakub Kaczmarczyk

“She heard from him that he would do something to himself”

– At the beginning of 2022, the former girlfriend of the 29-year-old heard from him during one of the conversations that he would do something to himself – it was after their breakup. She informed the police officers from Poznań about these words. The officers found the man and took him to the hospital, Borowiak said.

The 29-year-old was kept under observation for several days. When he left the hospital, the police confiscated his two guns. The Department of Administrative Proceedings (WPA) of the Poznań Police issued a decision to withdraw his powers.

“He then went on appeal. He presented a new medical opinion, which said that there were no contraindications. The WPA appealed against this medical decision, the man was referred for specialist examinations to an occupational medicine clinic in order to issue an independent opinion. The man underwent tests and received another favorable opinion – said Borowiak.

“We had to give him the gun”

The spokesman added that in the case, a number of witnesses from the man’s surroundings were questioned in terms of whether he could pose a threat to himself or other people. – His ex-girlfriend was also heard in this case. None of these people, none of these witnesses, gave information that he could pose any threat, either to himself or to other people. Due to the fact that the entire appeal process has been exhausted, we had to give him the weapon – this is how the current regulations are constructed – said Borowiak.

In March this year, the man received two weapons taken from him by the police. In the following months, he bought a Glock pistol. He used this weapon on Sunday in the center of Poznań.

Main photo source: KWP Poznań

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