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Shooting in Stockholm, Sweden. A 19-year-old Pole and a Kurd are suspects, they were arrested

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19-year-old Pole Miłosz O. and 19-year-old Kurd Ronnie D. are suspected of Saturday’s shooting in Stockholm, in which two people were killed and two others were injured. Both men pleaded not guilty. They were arrested on Tuesday for four weeks by the court in Huddinge.

According to court documents obtained by PAP, Miłosz O., who has Polish citizenship, is registered in Soedertaelje near Stockholm. He was previously convicted of for robbery and assault. Ronnie D. is a Swedish-born son of Kurdish immigrants from the Middle East, he was tried for minor drug offences.

Two people died in the tragedyPAP/EPA/Anders Wiklund/TT

They are suspected of Saturday shooting in Stockholm. The court in Huddinge decided on Tuesday to detain them for four weeks. During the trial, Miłosz O. and Ronnie D. pleaded not guilty.

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A series of shots from automatic weapons, two people were killed

The shooting happened on Saturday evening in the Farsta Centrum district of southern Stockholm in a square between a metro station and a shopping mall. As a result of a series of about 20 shots fired from military automatic weapons, a 15-year-old died on the spot, and on Monday it was announced that a 45-year-old man was seriously injured. Another teenager and a 65-year-old woman were also injured by bullets.

Photo from police work at the scene of the shootingPAP/EPA/Anders Wiklund/TT

After a chase, the police detained two 19-year-old men fleeing in a car in Jaerna near Soedertaelje on the A4 motorway. A weapon was found in the car, which is the subject of forensic examination.

The motives of the perpetrators are still unknown. The media speculated that the targets could have been teenagers, and the others were accidental victims.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Anders Wiklund/TT

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