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Sicily, Catania. Floods after heavy rainfall. Fatalities and destruction

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For several days in Catania, Sicily, there has been a difficult situation related to floods. At least two people have been killed, it was reported on Tuesday. The mayor of Catania called not to leave their homes. All retail outlets in the city were closed, except grocery stores and pharmacies.

After heavy rainfall near the city of Catania in the east of the Italian island, there were extensive floods. On Monday, it was reported that the body of a 67-year-old man had been found. On Tuesday, the death of the second person was announced. The man’s body was found under a car north of Catania.

Streets and squares in Catania were flooded. Among other things, the water got into shops and other buildings.

The cars ended up under waterPAP / EPA / ORIETTA SCARDINO

An appeal not to leave their homes

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“I urge everyone not to leave their homes, except in emergencies,” Mayor Salvo Pogliese called on social media for Catania residents. “The city is facing a tragedy,” he wrote.

Shops were closed, except for groceries and pharmacies. School classes were also canceled.

The media reported that the Garibaldi hospital ward was affected by the flood.

– The situation is critical. It does not seem to be going to improve, said a spokesman for the fire department.

Destruction in ItalyPAP / EPA / ORIETTA SCARDINO

A medican struck Sicily

The violent weather in Sicily is related to the Medican, which is a deep low in the Mediterranean, explained ilmeteo.it meteorologists.

The word “medikan” does not exist in Polish and has no equivalent. It is an abbreviation that was created by combining the English words: mediterranean tropical-like cyclonewhich literally means a Mediterranean quasi-tropical cyclone.

Such phenomena usually form between September and January. It is estimated that they can achieve the maximum force equal to a Category 1 hurricane on the five-point ascending Saffir-Simpson scale. They last from 12 hours to several days.

Destruction in ItalyPAP / EPA / ORIETTA SCARDINO

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / ORIETTA SCARDINO

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