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Siecieborzyce. She got a package, inside was a bomb. Mrs. Urszula lost her arm and now she is waiting for a new one

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Before Christmas, she was waiting for a package from the courier. The one she found outside her door contained a bomb that nearly took her and her children’s lives. Three months after the tragedy of “Uwaga”, TVN checked how Urszula found herself in the new reality. Despite the lack of a hand, partial deafness or general fatigue, the woman has no intention of giving up – she is already waiting in line for a limb transplant and is planning her return to the profession.

The story happened in Siecieborzyce in Lubuskie Voivodeship in December 2022. Mrs. Urszula, now 32 – mother of two children – nine-year-old Ola and three-year-old Bartek – found a package on her doorstep. It looked like it had been delivered by courier, but in There was an explosion when the package was opened. The woman and her children were taken to the hospital. The fight for their lives has begun.

Mrs. Urszula suffered injuries to her hands, abdominal cavity, eyes, face, her internal organs were damaged. It was feared that she would not see. Her condition was described as critical. The children had numerous bomb fragments in their bodies, the girl had a broken arm and a damaged hand (she was at risk of amputation), and numerous traces of the explosive remained in the skin on her face.


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Rejection by children

The doctors managed to win the fight for the woman’s life. After a month she left the hospital, but she returned to a completely different reality. – The woman’s hands had contact with the package. There was a tear in her right forearm. As far as the left hand is concerned, the gripping and tactile function was partially preserved. Three fingers left, the doctor explained. med. Antoni Ciach, medical director of the University Hospital in Zielona Góra.

New reality for the mother means also new challenges for the children. – The first weeks were difficult. The kids pushed me away. They didn’t want to be with me, they didn’t want to play. They didn’t even want me to wash up. They chased me out of the bathroom. Maybe they were afraid of what I looked like. When Bartuś saw me at first, he started to push me away. He said that I did ow to Oli, ow to him and I planted this bomb, I am be – recalls Mrs. Urszula.

In the material “Notes” dr hab. n. med. Anna Chrapusta from the Malopolska Burn and Plastic Center of the Hospital. Rydygiera in Krakow told about Ola’s condition.

– Her situation is very difficult. All wounds are healed, but there is a huge traumatic tattoo from the explosive. In fact, this type of condition is inoperable. You can try to remove the largest particles with microsurgical tools and this is the procedure I proposed – says the doctor.

Mrs. Urszula was waiting for a package from the courier, and she got a bomb that was supposed to kill her and her children“Attention” TVN


Mrs. Urszula, despite such great adversities, did not break down, does not lose heart and undertakes ambitious actions to find a place for herself.

– This is the determination, not giving up, the desire to be independent, although without the help of people from the outside, without technology, it will certainly not make sense. First of all, a prosthesis is needed so that Ula can run her right hand – said the author of the report Jakub Dreczka in Monday’s “You get up and know”.

The journalist accompanied the woman with the camera during her consultation with the world-famous transplantologist Adam Domanasiewicz. Because the prosthesis is supposed to be a temporary solution. Ultimately, Mrs. Urszula is gearing up for a hand transplant.

– Two hundred people have already undergone such operations. Dr. Domanasiewicz invited Mrs. Urszula to his place, after the meeting she decided that she wanted a transplant. Now waiting for a donor. In the reportage, I also asked her if she would have a mental problem. But this is the hand you see all the time, which you operate. The most important thing is feeling. Life shows how motoric she will be, but we have seen an example that one of the patients even replaced the timing belt in the car – adds Dreczka.

Mrs. Urszula during a visit to doctor Adam Domanasiewicz“Attention” TVN

The return to the so-called normal life takes place in two ways. Before the outbreak, the 32-year-old worked in a kindergarten, taking care of children with autism. The woman did not hide that she wanted to return to her mission. – There are many families who get the opinion that they have a child with autism and do not know what to do with it, where to go and how to work with this child – emphasizes Urszula.

The tool for returning to professional activity will most likely be the Internet. After previous reports, there was interest in its services, but also offers of support, for example in building a website or creating content and reach in social media.

The whole conversation in the morning of TVN24 with the author of the report Jakub DreczkaTVN24

Ex-partner accused

In addition to the arduous recovery and learning to live after the tragedy, Urszula has one more bumpy road ahead of her. Two days before the 32-year-old left the hospital, Błażej K., her former partner and father of three-year-old Bartek, was arrested. The man was put allegations of attempted murder of multiple people with an explosive. He is facing life imprisonment.

– This crime was planned much earlier. The perpetrator was certainly prepared for various eventualities and tried to cover his tracks. We can talk about premeditated action. Everything indicates that a trip to German was supposed to be an alibi. We secured monitoring and ICT data that indicate that he personally planted this package. The perpetrator wanted to kill – says Ewa Antonowicz, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Zielona Góra.

Before the package exploded, the woman’s partner allegedly abused her physically and psychologically. The woman had been living with her parents for over a year. She could not stand living together with Błażej K. The partner did not like the fact that the woman worked in a kindergarten for children with autism, although she was educated in this field and loved it.

A few weeks before the attack, the man was deprived of his parental rights, and in January 2022, an indictment against Błażej K. was filed with the District Court in Żagań in connection with the abuse of Urszula and the children. However, the case did not go to trial, due to staffing problems, as we heard in court.

“I would like this man to get life in prison, it is the most appropriate punishment. But I’m afraid that won’t be the case, she says.

The man was arrested near ZgorzelecLubusz police

The need for normality

– I am still discovering the consequences of this event, I find bomb fragments in the body, the last one was four centimeters. It was very deep in the leg. After all this, I can’t hear in my left ear and I get tired quickly. I have moments at night that I wake up and can’t catch my breath.

The 32-year-old certainly cannot be denied the will to fight and motivation, but it is not difficult to have moments of doubt in her position. Recently, Martyna Wojciechowska encouraged her.

– You are a brave woman, once again I am convinced that you do not have to go to the end of the world to meet an amazing everyday heroine – said the journalist during the meeting with Urszula.

– I don’t want to be alone in all this. I say a lot that I’m doing fine, but sometimes I need someone to come over and give me a hug. Secondly, I have always been active and I want to continue to be active, I’m not talking about professional work, but in general, some trips or a simple bike with children. Normality is something that I probably need most today – concludes Mrs. Urszula.

Main photo source: “Attention!” TVN

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