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Siedlce, Garwoin. The police dogs have retired

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Three dogs serving for years in the Masovian police garrison have retired. They were said goodbye with baskets with treats, vitamins and hygiene products. They also received commemorative medals for exemplary canine service.

– On the occasion of the training, as part of improving the working efficiency of service dogs in Siedlce, a farewell ceremony was held for Ilza – a service dog who, due to his age and health problems, retired well-deservedly – said Edyta Sułkowska from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom.

Ilsa is a 10-year-old German Shepherd. He specializes in finding drug smells. She has been in service since 2014, she worked in units in Siedlce and Garwolin. Now he will live in Siedlce, in the house of his first guide, who retired early.

Medals, treats, vitamins

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Two other police dogs, Hałat and Kajro, also ended their service. The dog pensioners said goodbye to the policemen from the police stations in Siedlce, Garwolin, Ostrołęka and Ostrów Mazowiecka.

– Our dog officers received farewell baskets of treats, hygiene products, but also vitamins and supplements for joints, which is what senior dogs need most, and commemorative medals for exemplary canine service – said Sułkowska.

Dog guides also received special diplomas.

40 dogs in the Mazovian police

The policewoman emphasized that such celebrations are needed in the life of every service dog handler. – They show that a dog in the police is needed and important, we treat it with respect and say goodbye to it when it retires. The effort and commitment of the guide in the service with the dog is also noticed and appreciated – said Sułkowska.

Police dogs support officers in various activities. Not only can they detect the presence of drugs, but they are also invaluable when searching for missing persons, in patrols, convoys or securing mass events, e.g. matches. A separate group are dogs used to search for the smell of explosives, weapons and ammunition. There are also dogs to search for human corpses on land or in water. In turn, combat dogs support counter-terrorist units.

There are currently almost 40 quadrupeds in the Masovian police garrison.

New Acquisition of Frost

The latest addition to the Mazovian police is SzronBelgian Shepherd Malinois. Currently, he and his guide are trained to search for drug odors.

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Main photo source: Mazovian Police

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