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Siedlce. Jarosław Kaczyński before the European Parliament elections. He promoted PiS candidates and referred to the case of Judge Szmydt

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Jarosław Kaczyński, president of PiS, argued at a meeting with supporters that Poland would face poverty under Donald Tusk's rule. He threatened that the European Parliament of the next term “will take virtually everything from us.” At the same time, he promoted PiS candidates in the elections – Jacek Kurski and Adam Bielan. He also referred to the case of judge Tomasz Szmydt, who fled to Belarus.

On Sunday, Kaczyński met with supporters PIS in Siedlce. During his speech, which concerned elections to the European Parliamentcriticized the current government.

Meeting with Jarosław Kaczyński tvn24

Kaczyński: Tusk's rule promises us poverty

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In his opinion, the election campaign of the Civic Coalition, after which Donald Tusk came to power it was “one big fraud”. Kaczyński said that the most noticeable and shocking is “the sphere of fraud that related to the everyday fate of Poles.”

– During these eight years of our rule, you can say, these are not my words, I am quoting someone here, we took Poland out of the sphere of the third world – because where there are hungry children, there is a third world – into the sphere of civilized countries – he argued.

In his opinion, Tusk's government “simply promises us poverty.” – Poverty consists in at least the fact that the Polish standard of living will not increase, but will decline, and the Polish economy will adapt to the European Union with very little or no growth at all. This means that this process of chasing, this process that was supposed to satisfy the justified Polish ambition to live at the level of Western Europe, this process will be stopped. Unless we return to power, this is the only possibility, he said.

Meeting with Jarosław Kaczyński in the organizer's photos

Kaczyński praises Kurski and Bielany. “Tough, even ruthless”

Kaczyński emphasized the importance of this year's elections to the European Parliament. – This will be the term of office of the European Parliament, during which decisions will be made that will take away virtually everything from us, Poles. They will take away our sovereignty, they will take away our currency, which is a guarantee that we will not fall into serious crises and that we can develop our economy at a good pace. They will take away our decisions, for example in matters such as border defense, he said.

– You must remember that in order to win everything that can be won in the European Parliament (…) you need to have experienced people there who have been there and who know how to work there, who are energetic, who can be sometimes tough and even ruthless, he said. He said that “two such gentlemen are sitting in front of him” and pointed to PiS candidates in the European elections: Adam Bielany and Jacek Kurski. Kaczyński said that PiS in the European Parliament must have people who “will not have to learn anything, but will immediately take up this fight energetically and with the power to break through.” – We need to throw the most experienced people into this fight, such as soldiers from single-use troops. These are parachute troops, these are torpedo and missile boats, these are units that are actually supposed to be used only once, because they suffer such huge losses in combat that they are no longer fit for further combat, he said.

– Of course, I wish you a long life, but to be in these troops, you really have to be a man with specific mental and physical characteristics. Only such people are suitable and these two gentlemen are suitable. I wish them to survive this term, to win and for us to win, added the PiS president.

Kaczyński about Judge Szmydt

Kaczyński also talked about the times of PiS rule. – This disgusting, Goebbels-like propaganda accuses our formation of various sins. Am I saying that we are angels? I do not say. That there were no sins? There were sins. But what they say, compared to what really happened, is like Mount Everest compared to some hill on some nearby elevation – said Kaczyński.

– In many cases, such as in the case of large scandals involving investigative commissions, it turns out that it is one big fraud, that there was nothing illegal. That if there was something – for example in the Pegasus case – too little, then there was too little control – added the PiS president.

He referred to the case of judge Tomasz Szmydt, who fled to… Belarus. – Today we have this judge who should have been caught, this Szmydt, but he wasn't caught. And these were elements of our country's weakness, he admitted.

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