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Siemianowice Śląskie. He went out onto the street with blood in his panties. Prosecution: the suspects recorded it, we have this video

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It went about 200 zlotys. The 23-year-old testified that he came to friends to recover the debt. They – that he owed them money. The prosecutor admitted that they had beaten him, ordered him to undress and go out into the street. They can’t deny it – they recorded everything. The recording now is evidence in the case.

Late Friday afternoon, the police in Siemianowice received a report from a 23-year-old man that he had been beaten up in an apartment in the Bytków district. While they were driving to the address indicated, someone called the emergency number 112 that a bloody man in only his pants was walking down the same street. It turned out to be the same person.

The police detained persons indicated by the 23-year-old as the perpetrators of the beatings: four men aged 26 to 42 and a 46-year-old woman.

– Three of them are friends of the 23-year-old – says Beata Cedzyńska, district prosecutor in Siemianowice.

All detainees were charged with beating a young man, imprisonment and being forced to act under the threat of a specific act. The 26-year-old will also be responsible for intimidating the victim not to report anything to the police.

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The court arrested four suspects. He applied police supervision to the oldest of the men and the prosecutor is considering a complaint against this decision. Above all, however, he tries to figure out what happened in the apartment in Bytkowo.


He wanted to get his debt back from them vs he owed them

The 23-year-old testified that he came to friends to recover the debt. – They say on the contrary that he owed them money. Both sides testify that it was about 200 zlotys – says Beata Cedzyńska.

According to the version of the victim, the suspects took his phone and smashed him with a hammer. Then, they were supposed to beat him, also using a hammer, told him to undress and go out into the street wearing only his pants. Then they threw his clothes out the window. – They do not deny that such an event happened – says the prosecutor. They cannot, because they themselves created evidence against themselves – they recorded everything with the phone and the prosecutor has this video. – But each of them detracts from their guilt. We will have to confront us, adds Cedzyńska.

The 23-year-old asked a passer-by for a phone call and called the police. All suspects were under the influence of alcohol. Everyone faces a sentence of at least three years’ imprisonment.

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