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Sieradz, Polna Street. A 4-year-old boy stood on the windowsill on the fourth floor. 11-year-old Kuba alerted the police, told about the incident

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11-year-old Kuba, while walking his dog, noticed a child standing on the windowsill of an apartment on the fourth floor. He immediately alerted the nearby policemen, thanks to which the tragedy was avoided. He told the TVN24 reporter about the whole event. He mentioned that he was told by the policemen that he was a hero.

Thanks to the conscious reaction of 11-year-old Kuba, the police saved a 4-year-old who was standing on the sill of an open window on the fourth floor of a block of flats at Polna Street in Sieradz. The teenager, seeing this situation, alerted the policemen. – Thanks to the vigilance of this boy, the tragedy did not happen – said Agnieszka Kulawiecka, a spokeswoman for the Sieradz district headquarters.

READ MORE: The 11-year-old noticed a little boy standing in a window on the fourth floor. He immediately alerted the policemen

In an interview with a TVN24 reporter, a fifth-grade student said that he noticed a few-year-old in a dangerous situation walking with a dog. – (The child) was standing on the windowsill, holding the thermometer, she recalls. He explained that the policemen had noticed earlier because they were working in the area.

– I ran to them because I was afraid that this child would fall. I said: the baby will fall out of the window in a moment. The policemen quickly went to the window. One policeman called and ran upstairs, the other one secured – he says.

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When asked if he feels like a hero, he replies: – A little.


Where did the thought to run to the policemen come from? – I’ve seen it in the movies sometimes. They also said that at school – explains the 11-year-old. He adds that the policemen congratulated him. “They said I was a hero,” he says.

He himself spoke on TVN24 in the T-shirt of his club, Warta Sieradz. In a room where a part of the wall is filled with posters with Kylian Mbappe, Paulo Dybala, Bruno Fernandes, Erling Haaland, Thorgan Hazard, Arkadiusz Milik and Grzegorz Krychowiak. “I would like to be a footballer,” he admits. He has a favorite footballer. – Mbappe. He plays well, he is fast – he points out.

Kuba alerted policemen about a 4-year-old standing on the windowsillTVN24

Mrs. Iwona, Kuba’s mother, admits that she is very proud of her son because of her cold blood. – Especially from his attitude, rational thinking. More than one would be stressed out and wouldn’t know what to do at this point, ‘he says. – Kuba was very worried that the child would not fall off and that a tragedy would not happen. There were so many emotions that he quickly went to sleep – he adds.

He says about his son’s football passion: – There are training sessions three times a week, he is an avid player.

Main photo source: TVN24

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