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Sieraków. He drove into the building with force. Charges and arrest for the driver

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The court decided to arrest the driver of a car for three months, who hit a building in Sieraków (Greater Poland Voivodeship) on Wednesday. The event was recorded by surveillance cameras. It shows the speeding Renault straight into the railings, then crash into the pavement, break through the wall and stop in the middle of the house. The 40-year-old was drunk.

The incident took place on Wednesday at the intersection of Poznańska and Wroniecka streets in Sieraków. We received the information and photos on the website Contact24 from a resident, Mrs. Natasza. – It was 4.36, when the car hit our house with great force – said the woman. “Waking up and roaring out of this world,” she described.


The entire event was recorded by surveillance cameras. – Only one meter from the dam [kierowca – red.] I think he noticed all this, he heard a squeak, but he did not have time to do anything – supposes Mrs. Natasha. The speeding Renault ran straight into the railings, punctured them, flew across the sidewalk and hit the wall of the building. – He stopped in the middle of the house, in the dining room. We have broken windows, damaged furniture, everything is in ruins – said Mrs. Natasza.

The 30-year-old driver was drunk

The preliminary findings of the police showed that the man did not adjust the speed to the conditions on the road. It turned out that the driver was drunk. – He had almost 2.5 per mille. Together with the passenger, he was transported to hospital. Both men were conscious – Justyna Rybczyńska, press officer of the District Police Headquarters in Międzychód reported.

After sobering up, the driver heard the charges. – A 40-year-old Ukrainian citizen is suspected of three crimes: committing a traffic accident while drunk, driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and exposing people to the immediate danger of loss of life or serious damage to health by hitting a building with a car. The man pleaded guilty, says Łukasz Wawrzyniak, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań.

The court granted the prosecutor’s request and decided to detain the 40-year-old for three months. He faces up to five years in prison.

The car ran into the house. “Bang out of this world”Sieraków, Greater Poland Province. The car ran into the house. “Bang out of this world”Contact24

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