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Sierpc. He stole the phone and buried it in a field. The police used a metal detector

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In Sieprec, Masovia, a 15-year-old buried a stolen mobile phone in a farm field near his place of residence. To find him, the police used a metal detector. Now the teenager will be charged with theft in family court.

The spokeswoman of the District Police Headquarters in Sierpc, aspirant Katarzyna Krukowska, announced on Friday that the theft occurred a few days ago in the local community center. The owner of a mobile phone worth PLN 2,800 left it in one of the rooms. She later reported the theft.

The police established the circumstances and detained the 15-year-old. – It turned out that after the theft, he buried the mobile phone in a farm field near his place of residence – explained midshipman Krukowska.

He claimed he didn’t remember where he buried it

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However, recovering the device was not that easy because the minor said he did not remember exactly where he hid the loot.

A 15-year-old buried a stolen phoneKPP in Sierpc

– The officers had to use a metal detection device (…) and thanks to this, the phone was finally recovered. It will be delivered to its owner soon, said trainee Krukowska. She added that the 15-year-old hid the phone so that – as he explained – he would come back for it when the theft case was over.

– The minor has already been charged with committing a criminal act, and his further fate will soon be decided by the family court – added the spokeswoman for the Sierpc police.

A 15-year-old buried a stolen phoneKPP in Sierpc

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