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Sierzchow. They found a chlorine tank from World War I. Train traffic on the Warsaw-Kutno line has been suspended

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In the village of Sierzchów in the Skierniewice district, a metal tank, probably with chlorine, was found during excavations near the tracks, probably used during World War I, the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Łódź reported. PKP PLK informs that train traffic on the Warsaw-Kutno section, between Bednary and Sochaczew, was suspended for the duration of the work of the services.

The incident happened around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday. According to PKP PLK spokesman Karol Jakubowski, during the investment works on the Bednary – Sochaczew section, the contractor’s employees found “objects that may be dangerous”. – Services, including sappers, were called to the site. The place has already been secured – emphasized the spokesman of PKP PLK.

At the same time, he informed that traffic on this section had been suspended for the time of work of the services and changes in the running of trains had been introduced. PKP Intercity trains will run by a circular route through the Skierniewice station, while replacement bus transport will be introduced for the passengers of Koleje Mazowieckie. – In connection with the above, an additional honoring of KM tickets has also been introduced in PKP Intercity trains on the section Warszawa Wschodnia/Warsaw Gdansk – Skierniewice – Łowicz Główny in both directions – Koleje Mazowieckie reported.

The PKP PLK spokesman also added that a team consisting of representatives of the infrastructure manager and carriers has been appointed to ensure efficient communication during the work of the services on site. – Information about changes in the timetable is provided on an ongoing basis at stations, stops and on the passenger portal – assured Karol Jakubowski.

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A find during excavations at the railway tracks on the Warsaw-Kutno routeDh Sławomir Piaskowski TSO Bolimów

World War I chlorine tank

The fire brigade has given us more information about the find. – in the village of Sierzchów in the poviat Skierniewice, during excavations at the tracks around 1.20 pm, metal tanks from World War II or World War I were found. The pyrotechnician who arrived on the scene said that it was probably a chlorine tank used during World War I. There are 3 guards on site and they will secure the scene for the duration of the sappers’ work. There are no injured people. The area is located 1 km from the buildings. Rail traffic on the route is currently suspended. The leading service on the spot is the police – said the duty officer of the KW PSP in Łódź.

Junior Brigadier Jędrzej Pawlak, spokesman for the Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Łódź, said that it is not known whether the tanks are full or not. – It is not known exactly what is in the tanks. These are very old bottles. Firefighters found that there was no leak from them and secured the scene, he pointed out.

Chief Commissioner Magdalena Studniarek, spokeswoman for the KMP in Skierniewice, said in turn that this incident was at the railway embankment in Kęszyce. – A report was received from a contractor who was doing earthworks and found two metal containers that may be filled with some liquid, possibly chlorine. There is no clear diagnosis. The containers are located by the tracks themselves. Military sappers arrived at the site and ruled out that it was a missile, she pointed out.

Main photo source: Dh Sławomir Piaskowski TSO Bolimów

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