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Sikorski asked if he sees himself as a presidential candidate. He's talking about Kaczyński

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Radosław Sikorski said in “Fakty po Faktach” that he will not become an EU commissioner in the coming weeks and will remain the minister of foreign affairs. When asked if he would like to run in the next presidential election in Poland, he replied that “if Kaczyński ran again, he would be happy to face him.” In “Fakty po Faktach” he also talked about the issue of ambassadors and his contacts with the president.

The head of the Ministry of Diplomacy, Radosław Sikorski, was asked in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 whether he would become an EU commissioner. The minister denied it. – I will be a minister. Of course, depending on the Prime Minister's decision. We are all available. The Prime Minister gives and the Prime Minister takes away, he said.

Would Sikorski run for president? “If Kaczyński ran again”

The minister was asked whether one of the reasons for his staying in Poland is that we will have presidential elections next year and he would see himself as a candidate. “No, that's not one of the reasons,” he said.

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– Would you see yourself as a candidate? – asked the host of the program Piotr Kraśko. – You know, if Kaczyński ran for office again, I would be happy to face him, to be honest. And caused him to lose again – said Sikorski.

When asked if Jarosław Kaczyński would not run for president, he would be less willing, he replied that “the mother party will decide.”

“Kaczyński, as usual, is cheating and making things up”

Sikorski also commented on the words of PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński incident on the Polish-German borderrelated to the transfer of a migrant family to Poland by the German police, which was inconsistent with the procedures.

The PiS president said on Saturday that “The Germans are starting to send us immigrants, not necessarily those who came through Poland, and they are doing it brazenly“.

According to the head of Polish diplomacy, “Kaczyński, as usual, is tricking and making things up.” – One or at most two German police cars made a mistake, for which the German Minister of Internal Affairs apologized to Minister (Tomasz) Siemoniak – said Sikorski.

Sikorski: Kaczyński, as usual, is cheating and making things upTVN24

– Let me remind you that thousands of migrants travel – and this was on a huge scale during Kaczyński's government, when he was deputy prime minister for security – in thousands from Poland to Germany, and not the other way around – he continued. – Imagine what Kaczyński would say if not just one or two families, but thousands, were dropped off to our side from Germany. Just like it is happening from East to West at the moment – he added.

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Decisions made so that Lukashenko feels their effects

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also spoke about the death of a Polish soldier who was stabbed by someone from the crowd of migrants storming the barrier on the Polish-Belarusian border.

When asked if we could enforce anything from the Belarusian side, he replied that “we still have functioning border crossings.” – We are currently examining what consequences this would have for our economy and local communities – he said.

He pointed out that, for example, “the Finns closed the border crossings with Russia and the horse riding ended.”

He also emphasized that what is happening on our eastern border “is a fully controlled operation by the Russian and Belarusian services at the moment.” – And what is particularly shocking is that these people are instructed by officers of the Belarusian state on how to hit a Polish soldier, a Polish border guard, even when our boys are wearing vests. This is completely unacceptable, he said.

Sikorski noted that “we will make a decision after analyzing their effects.” – So that Lukashenko feels their effects, not us – he added.

“I think the position of vice-chairman of the committee is also on the table”

The TVN24 guest was also asked whether the portfolios of EU commissioners for defense or enlargement are the ones that Poland cares about the most.

– There are also others that are very interesting from our point of view, but let's actually let the Prime Minister negotiate. I think that the position of vice-chairman of the commission is also at stake, which would be a promotion for our country, he said.

Sikorski on what EU portfolio interests Poland

Sikorski on what EU portfolio interests PolandTVN24

Sikorski was also asked how he could even imagine the role of defense commissioner in a situation when the EU has its own head of diplomacy who deals with defense issues.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that EU law “gives command of European Union operations – because they are already taking place – to the high representative (of the European Union for foreign affairs and security policy). – It is true that such a commissioner could be the deputy of the high representative in certain spheres. He could have responsibility for cybersecurity, for civil defense, for (defense) production, indeed, but to have a full-blooded defense minister, the EU would have to change the treaties, he said.

He also referred to the results of the last European parliamentary elections. He was asked whether the fact that far-right and anti-EU parties have achieved great successes, for example in France, Germany and Austria, does not mean that it may be time to carry out a major reform of the European Union to make it more acceptable to the majority of Europeans.

Sikorski emphasized that such proposals “require treaty changes.” – And there is no climate for that at the moment – he said.

“Ukraine will have to transfer the entire acquis communautaire into its legislation”

He also talked about the accession of Ukraine and Moldova to the European Union. He emphasized that, based on the Treaty of Rome, every European country has the right to apply for it. Referring to the issue of the rule of law as a criterion for joining the community, Sikorski noted that “Ukraine will have to, like us and everyone else, transfer the entire legal acquis of the Union into its legislation.”

– Of the thirty-odd chapters that we will negotiate, I expect that the chapters on agriculture and transport will be the most difficult, and will have the longest transitional periods, – said Sikorski, answering a question about the criteria that Ukraine must meet to join the EU.

He noted that “Ukraine, under pressure from the international monetary fund and Western donors, introduced anti-corruption courts.” – Judges are appointed with the participation of the international community. We will, out of friendship, warn our Ukrainian allies that the best and fastest way to lose Western support would be to steal Western aid. Here, Ukraine must be ruthless and effective, he emphasized.

He also drew attention to the challenge that Ukraine's accession to the EU would pose to the EU and Polish farmers. – You can see gigantic farms there, the size of farms in Texas, on very fertile land. This will be a challenge for the entire common agricultural policy of the European Union and we must find creative solutions. So that Ukraine's membership will also benefit Polish farmers and Polish drivers, he said.

What about ambassadors?

When asked about the initiative of Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic to apply to the European Commission for more funds for countries that have accepted refugees from Ukraine, Sikorski emphasized that Poland “is a border country of the European Union and the Schengen area” and “we should care most about the solidarity of the entire Europe, especially non-border countries, to help us cope with these crises.

– Not only will we seek financial support for the construction of, for example, the Eastern Shield, Tusk's shield, but we will also argue that if we build fortifications and spend on defense, we should not be punished with the excessive deficit procedure, because we want to defend the Union more than others – he argued. Poland – he added – will also apply for “funds for technical security of the external border of the Schengen Area, i.e. the Polish border.”

When asked about the nominations for ambassadors to NATO and Washington and the lack of agreement on this matter with the president's office, Sikorski said that he had already concluded two agreements with the president, but so far I do not have a single signature of the president.

– We have vacancies, we have ambassadors who have served for many years, we have the Foreign Service Convention procedure in which the president is represented. At his request, we are currently voting retail, not wholesale. The president's representative votes for some of my candidates, Sikorski pointed out. – I hope this means that the president will start signing it – he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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