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Silesian. Failures at the Będzin Heat and Power Plant, it may be cold in apartments until almost the end of the week

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On Monday, a steam boiler failed at the Będzin Heat and Power Plant, which supplies heat to the residents of Sosnowiec, Będzin and Czeladź. The heat exchanger broke down the day before. Repair works are underway, and according to the company, heat is expected to return to the residents at the end of the week.

– We would like to assure you that our technical teams are working continuously, using all available means to restore normal operation of the plant as soon as possible – EC Będzin Wytwarzanie announced in a statement on Monday.

The day before, the heat exchanger was damaged in the heat and power plant, which is not directly related to Monday’s boiler failure.

– The current situation is a separate event and has no connection with previous technical issues – the company said.

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The repair may take until the end of the week

Sławomir Kucharski, representative of the management board of EC Będzin for communications, told the Polish Press Agency that due to technical problems, the heat and power plant temporarily stopped supplying heat. Its delivery to residents was entirely taken over by operators, i.e. local heating companies, which also have their own heat sources. Therefore, residents should not experience any downtime at the heat and power plant.

– As a heat producer, our role is to supply heat energy to the heating network of the heating system operator in the Silesian-Dąbrowa agglomeration. Therefore, any problems related to heating in homes or workplaces should be directed directly to the property manager or heating system operator, EC Będzin reported.

Representatives of the heat and power plant forecast that after the repairs are completed, the resumption of heat supplies from the Będzin CHP plant to the operators should take place at the end of this week.

The Będzin Heat and Power Plant is the main producer of heat and electricity in Zagłębie Dąbrowskie. It is one of the largest heat suppliers in the region, with annual production of 1.6 million gigajoules. The company’s basic products are heat and electricity produced in cogeneration. The supplies are local, and the generated heat in the form of hot water and steam is supplied to the municipal sector and industry in the Zagłębie region. Through the main system, heat reaches customers from Sosnowiec, Będzin and Czeladź.

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