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Silvery Clouds 2022. Silvery Clouds are in season. When can they appear? When is the best time to watch them?

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The so-called silver clouds season begins in late spring. In the coming months, the lucky ones will be able to see the phenomenon above the horizon of the night sky. How to prepare for observation?

Silvery clouds are mesospheric clouds, and therefore the highest that can be seen from the Earth’s surface. As explained by Karol Wójcicki, the author of the blog “With his head in the stars”, they arise at an altitude of about 80 kilometers, probably due to the icing of cosmic dust particles or the remains of meteor passages. They reflect sunlight, creating unusual, silvery glow.

Silvery clouds should not be confused with the “ordinary” pink-red clouds that occur at sunsets. Wójcicki noted – the actual phenomenon is characterized by a silver color, and only in places may have a reddish tinge.

How to observe silvery clouds

The best conditions for observing silvery clouds begin in late spring and continue in summer. In the case of the northern hemisphere, we can enjoy them from mid-May and can often be seen in August. As Wójcicki said, it is best to look for them around 11 p.m. and after 1.

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We will have the best chance of seeing the clouds when we go to less populated areas. Then our observations will not be disturbed by city lights, house lighting or billboards. The phenomenon is visible to the naked eye.

If you manage to see the silvery clouds, please share your story on Contact 24. Below are some videos of the phenomenon in recent years:

Silvery clouds June 28/29Monday evening was favorable for the observation of some of the most spectacular clouds. In many parts of the country you could admire silvery clouds. We got the photos on Contact 24.Contact 24

Silvery clouds in Chojnice (Pomeranian Voivodeship)

Silvery clouds in Chojnice (Pomeranian Voivodeship)The season for observing an unusual phenomenon – silver clouds begins in late spring. On Kontakt 24 we got the first photo of your observations this year.Contact 24

"A spectacle in the sky"

“A spectacle in the sky”It was an amazing night.Contact 24

Silvery clouds in your lens

Silvery clouds in your lensLast night, silver clouds appeared in the sky over some parts of the country. This is an uncommon phenomenon. On Kontakt 24 you shared your observations.Contact 24

tvnmeteo.pl, “Head in the stars”

Main photo source: Contact24

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