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Simon Holownia. Poland 2050 presented economic proposals

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Szymon Hołownia, the leader of Poland 2050, presented his group’s economic proposals. Among other things, he said that there could be “no PIT, CIT and VAT increases”, he pointed to the need to “regulate the issue of tax interpretations”, introduce “simple regulations for micro-enterprises” and “reanimate economic courts”. He also stated that “distributing equally to everyone, regardless of whether they need it or not, is not social justice, it is communism in its purest form.”

Simon Hołownia at a meeting with entrepreneurs, he spoke about the current situation of the Polish economy.

Ministry of Finance – which has long been no subject, but a lever that Kaczyński moves to the right or left depending on polls – lost control a long time ago public debtthese are hundreds of billions of zlotys transferred to a notebook, outside the state budget, this is a pathology calling for vengeance to heaven because it is a credit that tightens around the necks of our children, it is a noose that tightens around the necks of subsequent generations for this so that they can distribute the money they need, scatter it from a helicopter, actually building communism in Poland, he said.

As he continued, “distributing equally to everyone, whether they need it or not, is not social justice at all, it is communism in its purest form.”

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Hołownia about its economic proposals

– What we have to do (…) is, first of all, restoring respect and honesty in the conversation about our common money, and secondly, calming the situation, calming down this boiling cauldron into which we are all herded to contribute, and from which on the other hand, it flies out of control. An honest conversation with Poles about what we donate, what we can afford today, what we can get for not being robbed by the state, continued Hołownia.

Then, the leader of Poland 2050 presented his group’s economic proposals. “We’re committing to a few things,” he said. – Firstly – no increase in PIT, CIT and VAT – he said. He added that a “moratorium – a freeze on these major taxes” is necessary here. – In order for us to be able to diagnose the real scale of tax revenues and expenditures, so that we can give Polish companies a moment to take a break, (…) this must be connected with the predictability of taxes – he said.

He also referred to health insurance. He said that “the regulations that he introduced must be changed immediately Polish Order“Secondly, the predictability of taxes – we want to commit ourselves that changes to PIT and CIT will be introduced most often once a year, with the longest possible vacatio legis, other tax regulations – no later than January 1 and July 1 of the preceding year – he stressed.

Hołownia: we say “no increase in PIT, CIT and VAT”TVN24

Hołownia: it is necessary to regulate the issue of tax interpretations

Hołownia mentioned “regulating the issue of tax interpretations” as one of the next demands. – With us, it is often the case that only a court judgment is a tax interpretation after four or five years, because the courts are clogged. It can’t look like this. If the state itself does not know what the meaning of the regulations it imposes on people is, the state is laughable, he said.

– Today, we pay if we are late (with the payment – ed.) towards the office. We want to introduce the opposite principle, based on the state’s respect for citizens – if the state is late, it will pay you as much as you would pay for exceeding the deadline. Because it’s not just about the personal responsibility of officials, but offices towards the citizen. The official, (…) must take the responsibility that he expects me to take. Then it’s fair, then it’s fair,” he continued. – We want to implement something like this. We called it “karniaki”, which offices should pay in such situations – said the leader of Poland 2050.

The leader of Poland 2050 also mentioned the need for “simple regulations for micro-enterprises” and “reanimation of economic courts”.

Hołownia: you need to take money from KPO immediately

At the same time, Hołownia said that “you must immediately take money from the National Reconstruction Plan”.

– This money should have been on the accounts of Polish companies and Polish local governments a long time ago. They are the bloodstream, they are the blood that could fuel what is happening in Poland, he stressed.

Main photo source: PAP/Piotr Nowak

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